Qatar Charity signs a cooperation agreement with

Qatar Charity signs a cooperation agreement with Qatar Cyclists

6/20/2022 | Media Center

Qatar Charity signed a cooperation agreement with the Qatar Cyclists Center to support humanitarian works through sports activities.The agreement was signed by Ms. Fatima Al-Mohannadi, Director of Programs and Community Developmentdepartment at Qatar Charity, and Saud Al-Muraikhi, Director of the Qatar Cyclists Center.Under the agreement, Qatar Charity is committed to providing two projects, namely building, and furnishing two primary schools that provide basic education with a total area of 1950 meters in the State of Somalia, which suffers from humanitarian problems due to displacement related to crises and disasters such as drought.The center is obligated to market them to individuals, institutions, and companies to provide the amounts required to implement the two projects, at a value of one million riyals.Ms. Fatima Al-Mohannadi, Director of Programs and Community Development Department at Qatar Charity, welcomed the cooperation of the Qatar Cyclists Center and expressed her thanks and appreciation for their efforts, noting that Qatar Charity always looks forward to involving all sectors in charitable work in the service of humanity."This agreement comes as an extension of the cooperation between us, which has resulted in the completion of many projects, such as Al-Shaymaa School for Girls in Palestine and other projects," she said.She added, "It is fortunate that Somalia has been chosen as the location for implementing the projects of this initiative, which coincides with the launch of a humanitarian campaign that contributes to confronting the effects of drought and the associated risks."Al-Mohannadi said, " at Qatar Charity, we believe in the great role of sport in the service of humanitarian work, and we are inspired by the general orientation of our country, which embodied that sport is a bridge for communication with people and a symbol of peace and love through its unprecedented initiative in the history of the World Cup."And the intention is to transfer many sports facilities and stadiums for the World Cup and donate them to needy people in African and Asian countries.For his part, Mr. Saud Al Muraikhi, Director of Qatar Cycling Center, said: We thank Qatar Charity for its humanitarian efforts and is a pioneer in this field, and we at Qatar Cycling Center are happy to cooperate with it.He added: We at the center always strive to contribute to charitable work through our initiatives and employ sports in humanitarian work because it is a message of love, and for years we have achieved the first place in collecting the most significant amount of donations and directing them to humanitarian projects, and we believe in the importance of education and its basics. , especially in areas where children face challenges and difficulties.It is worth noting that the Qatar GBI 2022 riders’ trip is a global event, in which riders with teams from 26 countries participate, during which they travel 700 kilometers, from the capital of Denmark to northern Germany within 7 days, and all the teams participating in this tour support a development goal. Qatar's cyclists participated in the Qatar Charity Projects in the previous four editions, and through them, they succeeded in reaching the first place in collecting the most enormous value of donations, for these achievements, including the construction of Al-Shaimaa Secondary School for Girls in the northern Gaza Strip.