Qatar Charity and Al Meera sign a cooperation

Qatar Charity and Al Meera sign a cooperation agreement

7/4/2022 | Media Center

Qatar Charity signed a cooperation agreement with Al Meera Company, to be among the companies that received the "Humanitarian Partner" label in the gold category, to contribute to supporting humanitarian work and community service.

The agreement was signed by Mr. Ahmed Yousef Fakhro, Assistant CEO of Resources Development and Media Sector at Qatar Charity, and Mr. Saeed Al Nabit, Executive Director of Administration and Human Resources at Al Meera.

Under this agreement, Al Meera Consumer Goods Company will enjoy the media and advertising benefits and services provided by the Humanitarian Partner Program.

the promotion of Qatar Charity’s products through its various outlets, and special marketing of the “Humanitarian Partner” brand in all branches as well.

 Al Meera is committed to promoting Qatar Charity’s seasonal products such as Ramadan, sacrifices, and the back-to-school season, in addition to its marketing services, with the “Humanitarian Partner” sign on the main products.

 The most popular is Al Meera Consumer Goods Company which is marketing new products such as the "humanitarian barcode", in support of the humanitarian programs and projects implemented by Qatar Charity for the benefit of the target groups.

On this occasion, Mr. Ahmed Youssef Fakhro, Assistant CEO of the Resources and Media Development Sector at Qatar Charity, expressed his welcome to the Al Meera Company, being a national company that manages the largest network of branches in the country, for the "Humanitarian Partner" program. And the general in humanitarian work in line with its social responsibility program, and as a contribution to serving the local community, he said:

“The signing of this agreement comes as a continuation of our close cooperation with Al Meera, which extends for many years through its various initiatives such as “Meer and Donation”, in addition to its continuous support for Qatar Charity’s initiatives, such as “Make them happy to make you happy”, and its permanent support through the presence of collection points available in all Al Meera branches and others From other seasonal campaigns, we are very much looking forward to strengthening this cooperation in the future and expanding its scope in various fields of humanitarian work.”

Al Meera Consumer Goods Company stated, "We are pleased to sign this agreement and humanitarian partnership with Qatar Charity, hoping to devote our efforts as partners in supporting charitable work in the service of the local community and humanitarian issues.

“The signing of this agreement stems from our firm belief in the importance of social responsibility entrusted to us, and the company is working to harness its resources to sponsor and support community events and local initiatives to contribute to enhancing their positive impact on individuals, the environment and society.”

It is noteworthy that the "Humanitarian Partner" program is a private brand granted by Qatar Charity to commercial institutions and companies under different conditions and levels, in return for its support for projects and campaigns implemented by Qatar Charity for the benefit of the target groups to enhance its responsibility towards society.