Qatar Charity implements Udhiya campaign projects

Qatar Charity implements Udhiya campaign projects inside Qatar

7/18/2022 | Media Center

Within the framework of its campaign "Make them happy with your Udhiya", Qatar Charity has distributed more than 4,100 Udhiya inside Qatar, benefiting more than 33,300 people from low-income families, widows, and orphans sponsored by Qatar Charity, in addition to workers and children of Asian and Arab communities, at a total cost of about 3.4 million riyals.

Udhiya were handed over to the beneficiary groups on the third and fourth days of Eid Al-Adha, through vouchers that Qatar Charity distributed before Eid to facilitate them and organize the receiving process, according to the precautionary measures.

Facilitate the distribution process

The distribution took place through four Widam Food Company outlets in the “Central Abattoir of Al-Wakra, Al-Sailiya Branch, Al-Shahaniya Butchery, and Umm Salal Butchery” with the service of delivering the beneficiary to his sacrifice while he was in his car, to facilitate and facilitate the receipt of their sacrifices.

Qatar Charity has used acquaintances from Qatari social figures and Qatar Charity centers in different regions, in addition to representatives of Indian, Pakistani, Indonesian, Filipino, Nepalese, Sri Lankan, Malaysian, Tunisian, Yemeni, Sudanese, Egyptian, Eritrean, Kenyan, Sierra Leonean, and Ivory Coast communities.

To ensure the comfort of its sponsored orphans and low-income families, Qatar Charity delivered their sacrifices to their homes through refrigerated cars. It also distributed meat to workers in their places of residence in private residential complexes, industrial areas, and farms.

deserved thanks

Qatar Charity expressed its thanks and appreciation to all the philanthropists who donated to the project inside Qatar or provided support and assistance to make it a success.

 They were credited, after God, in expanding to low-income families, workers, orphans, their families, and widows, and bringing happiness to the hearts of their children and families in the season of joys and obedience.

Qatar Charity also thanked the Widam Food Company and Anaam for all the facilities they provided, for their cooperation to complete the distribution process to the beneficiaries with ease and ease, and to ensure good organization for this. They contributed to the successful implementation of the project.

Orphans' Day

In a related context, Qatar Charity in Qatar implemented the Eid projects for orphans "sponsored by Qatar Charity" and the Eid for children of low-income families by handing over the Eid sums, before the blessed Eid al-Adha, benefiting 1,500 children, which contributed to drawing a smile on their faces and making them happy on Eid al-Adha.