Qatar Charity organizes "Eid joy" for "Future

Qatar Charity organizes "Eid joy" for "Future Leaders"

7/21/2022 | Media Center

Qatar Charity organized the "Eid Joy" event for its sponsored "leaders of the future" at its Al Rayyan Community Development Center, to bring joy and happiness to their hearts and the hearts of their families on Eid Al-Adha.

Qatar Charity, through the "Eid Joy" event, targeted 100 male and female children in the age group of 6-10 years, who are sponsored by orphans inside Qatar, to create an entertaining atmosphere to celebrate the feast and bring joy to them.

The event came as part of the activities accompanying the Qatar Charity campaign “Make them happy with your sacrifice” and in conjunction with Eid al-Adha, to spread the spirit of solidarity and spread affection and mercy, a tradition that Qatar Charity has been implementing annually, especially on festive occasions, which is a season of joy and joy awaited by young and old with eagerness and eagerness.

Event Activities

 The events included many educational, cultural, awareness-raising, and recreational activities and paragraphs, such as the skills and handicrafts corner, which are workshops through which children install models for the rituals of Hajj such as the Kaaba, and the installation of the sacrifice sheep model, drawing and designing greeting cards, and the movement activities corner, sports games, educational paragraphs and competitions on the stage Presenting gifts to them, in addition to a special “henna” corner for future leaders.

 Participants' interaction

Several participants in the event expressed their happiness at participating and their joy in the paragraphs and activities included, where the student Mayassa Shafi Al-Hajri said: The event was fun, through which I got acquainted with the rituals of Hajj and enjoyed the installation of models and participate in activities and competitions. I hope that such events will continue.

In turn, the student Khalil Ibrahim said: I participated in the event and enjoyed its paragraphs, noting that it provided us with a space to play and have fun and brought us together with new friends, and added a lot of information to me.

As for Ms. Umm Muhammad, the mother of one of the participants, she said: "We thank Qatar Charity for these important programs and activities, this event combined entertainment, awareness, and instilling educational and religious values ​​through its various paragraphs and activities.

She commended those in charge of caring for the sponsored and that they are always keen on making children happy and making them happy and finding programs that help them integrate into society.

It is worth noting that Qatar Charity, as part of the activities of the "Make them happy with your Udhiya  " campaign and the tenth of Dhul Hijjah, carried out several entertainment and cultural and awareness activities directed at families and their children in conjunction with the sacrificial season, such as the "Hajj Journey", which is a cultural and educational event for children and families, whose contents are designed in a way that attracts beneficiaries from Family members so that children can learn the rituals of Hajj in an attractive manner suitable for children.