Qatar Charity’s ‘Noon’ platform organizes

Qatar Charity’s ‘Noon’ platform organizes training workshops

9/5/2022 | Media Center

Qatar Charity (QC), under the supervision of its community development center in Al Khor, organized two training workshops, one on time management, and another on motivation.

The workshops were organized through Qatar Charity’s Noon, a remotely training and empowering platform.

The first workshop, entitled ‘Achieving Goals through Time Management’, dealt with several topics, including the concept of time, how to manage it, and how to avoid wasting it, in addition to finding solutions to save time and increase productivity.

The workshop was participated in by more than 100 male and female employees from different bodies, including the Ministry of Education and Qatar Charity.

Besides, the workshop on motivation was participated in by 252 male and female teachers. It emphasized the importance of motivating students, which leads to improvement in their academic performance, enhances their confidence, and develops their skills and abilities.

It is worth mentioning that the carefully planned ‘Noon’ platform focuses on three main aspects which are education, training, and economic empowerment. Each aspect has dedicated programs, which are implemented remotely for male and female participants.