Qatar Charity marks orphan day with various

Qatar Charity marks orphan day with various activities for ‘Future’s Leaders’

5/18/2023 | Media Center

Qatar Charity (QC) organized a festive celebration on the occasion of the Arab Orphan Day, at Aspire Zone. The celebration, which included many social, recreational, and sports activities, was participated in by many male and female ‘Future’s Leaders’ sponsored by Qatar Charity, and their families.

The event seeks to promote the concept of sponsorship, build orphans’ self-confidence, integrate them into the community through such activities, draw the attention of the community members towards the needs of orphans, in addition to encouraging and urging them to sponsor orphans at home and abroad.

The festive event comprised several activities, including a video presentation about ‘Future’s Leaders’, a lecture on the importance of sponsoring orphans, competitions, a theatrical performance, and audience participation, in addition to many programs such as children's corner, recreational and educational games, and work arts related to orphans.

The children expressed their happiness to participate in the orphan day celebration. A student Salman Hamad thanked Qatar Charity for its wonderful efforts and outstanding events for the benefit of orphans, adding that through Qatar Charity's activities, he met many new friends and obtained information and knowledge. Another student described the event as ‘beautiful and useful’ and it allowed the participants to participate in fun activities, creating an atmosphere of joy and pleasure for them.