Qatar Charity, UNICEF implement WASH projects in

Qatar Charity, UNICEF implement WASH projects in Pakistan’s flood-affected districts

9/14/2023 | Media Center

Qatar Charity (QC), in partnership with UNICEF, has implemented several interventions in the field of water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH) in Rajanpur, a district in Pakistan’s Punjab province, benefiting over 55,000 people affected by the 2022 devastating floods in the country.

This comes as part of Qatar Charity’s continued projects, implemented in several flood-affected districts of Pakistan.

The recently implemented WASH projects included the installation of 25 solar water pumps to benefit 30,000 individuals and the construction of 10 water ponds for nearly 20,000 beneficiaries, in addition to building toilets for 500 families in Rajanpur.

The projects focus on providing sustainable WASH services to vulnerable communities to prevent infectious diseases.

The beneficiaries expressed their delight with the implementation of the WASH projects in their district.

Mrs. Zeewar Mai, a beneficiary, said, “Due to the floods, all the clean water sources close to us were badly affected and damaged.  We had to travel almost a mile to collect water to meet our drinking needs. Qatar Charity and UNICEF have constructed solar water pumps in my village. Now, it is easy for me to fetch water any time during the day.”

Mr. Aziz Khan, another beneficiary, stated, “I have 9 children including 5 daughters. The toilets were damaged due to the flash floods. I am very grateful to Qatar Charity for extending timely support to us.”

Mr. Abdul Rauf, the Community Development Officer at the Public Health Engineering Department (PHED) in Rajanpur, said, “The clean water sources were damaged due to the 2022 floods. As a result, people had to drink contaminated water at any cost for their living which caused water-borne diseases like diarrhea and dysentery. I am proud to mention that Qatar Charity & UNICEF were the first organizations, who constructed the water sources in the area to provide clean drinking water.”