Qatar Charity signs agreement with Naseem

Qatar Charity signs agreement with Naseem Healthcare

2/14/2024 | Media Center

Qatar Charity (QC) has entered into an agreement with Naseem Healthcare Group, enabling visitors and patients at the group's health centers to make donations through their cashier outlets for financially struggling patients within Qatar. This is part of Qatar Charity’s ongoing efforts to support individuals with limited income in the healthcare sector.

The agreement falls within the framework of the collaborative partnership between Qatar Charity and Naseem Healthcare Group. It reflects the group's commitment to actively participating in the programs and activities organized by Qatar Charity. It is also in line with Qatar Charity's dedication to providing aid and necessary support in various forms to numerous entities and individuals, driven by its social and humanitarian responsibility.

The agreement was signed Mr. Ali Ibrahem AlGreeb, Manager of the Resource Development Department at Qatar Chary, and Dr. Munir Ali Ibrahim, General Manager of Naseem Healthcare Group. Both parties entered into the agreement based on their commitment to social responsibility to promote the values of solidarity and support charitable work, especially in the field of health care.

According to the agreement, charitable activities will be promoted, and donations will be encouraged through the cashier outlets of the healthcare centers of Naseem Healthcare within the country. All donation categories will be presented to customers, who can easily and quickly choose their preferred category and make donations.

This initiative reflects the commitment of the two parties to achieving sustainable development and enhancing the quality of life for individuals in need of support. It underscores the significance of effective partnerships in building a prosperous and just society.

On the sidelines of the agreement signing, Mr. Ali Ibrahem AlGreeb, Manager of the Resource Development Department at Qatar Chary, thanked Naseem Healthcare Group for the continued collaboration in various forms with Qatar Charity. He said that this agreement reflects the spirit of solidarity and cooperation among organizations within the country, adding that it will contribute to strengthening charitable and humanitarian efforts, benefiting those with limited incomes. Mr. AlGreeb emphasized Qatar Charity's eagerness to expand cooperation with the group in the future, inviting other bodies and companies within the country to participate in charitable and community activities by collaborating with charitable and humanitarian organizations, including Qatar Charity.

Dr. Munir Ali Ibrahim, General Manager of Naseem Healthcare Group, expressed his delight in signing the agreement with Qatar Charity. He stated, "We look forward to continuing our collaboration with Qatar Charity by utilizing the expertise and capabilities of each of us in serving the community. We are keen to engage with Qatar Charity in events and activities that serve diverse segments of the community, especially those with limited incomes."