Qatar Charity’s delegation brings joy to

Qatar Charity’s delegation brings joy to sponsored orphans during visit to Pakistan

3/18/2024 | Media Center

As part of the ongoing campaign aimed at sponsoring 5,000 orphans, a delegation from Qatar Charity (QC) visited Pakistan to inspect the conditions of Sponsored Orphans and assess their needs. The delegation included several donors and sponsors, who are Ms. Ohoud S.H.S Aldowailah, Ms. Hend Khalifa A. Al-Kubaisi, Ms. Marriam Ahmad AL-Zaman, Mr. Anasser Ibrahim Al Fakhroo, Mrs. Badria Al-Yaqout, Ms. Sheikha Al-Muftah, and Ms. Latifa Al-Kuwari, in addition to Mr. Khalid Abdulla Alyafei, Director of the Customer Service department at Qatar Charity.

A group of 80 orphans sponsored by Qatar Charity warmly welcomed the visiting delegation of sponsors, who actively engaged with the sponsored orphans in various activities, including drawing and sports. The delegation enjoyed the delightful interaction of the children with these events and their contesting in sports and competitions. At the end, gifts were distributed to the children.

The delegation participated in preparing Iftar meals, alongside the sponsored children who enthusiastically assisted the delegation in cooking. They also spent enjoyable time together during a collective Iftar event organized for them during the holy month.

The children expressed their happiness with the visit of the delegation and meeting them. Amina Khan, a 9-year-old girl, shared, "I have never experienced joy like this before. Today, I am filled with happiness; I had the opportunity to meet my donor who extends education and health support to me. I feel very proud today that I cooked food with them.”

Noor Ali, a 7-year-old boy, said, "Today I met with the people of goodness, who cooked my favorite food, Biryani. I thank them from the bottom of my heart."

Zara Bibi 7-year-old girl said, “Today is an Eid day for me, I played games with my donors, ate meals with them, and won a prize in the painting competition. I cannot explain my happiness in words.”

The members of the delegation expressed their joy at visiting Pakistan and meeting the orphaned children there. Mr. Anasser Ibrahim Y. Al-Fakhroo said, “I feel deeply thankful to have met these children, and it was a privilege for us to prepare food for them. Witnessing the smiles of these children fills me with immense happiness to be in their presence."

It is worth mentioning that as part of its “Endless Giving” campaign for the 1445 AH Ramadan, Qatar Charity has launched a drive to sponsor a new batch of orphans in several countries around the world. The goal is to reach the sponsorship of 5,000 new orphans, with the support of benevolent individuals, both citizens and residents of Qatar.

This campaign comes under the slogan “Expand Your Family” and aims to encourage families in Qatar to sponsor one or more orphans, considering them as sons or daughters within their family in terms of care and attention.

Donations to the campaign can be made through the following link: