Qatar Charity Conducts Training Workshops to Develop the Capacities of the Syrian Humanitarian Organizations (final)

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Qatar Charity Conducts Training Workshops to Develop the Capacities of the Syrian Humanitarian Organizations (final)

6/11/2015 |

In cooperation with “Rahma International”, “White Hands”, and “UNOCHA

Qatar Charity Conducts Training Workshops to Develop the Capacities of Syrian Humanitarian Organizations


Collaborating with “Rahma International”, “White Hands”, and “UNOCHA”, Qatar Charity organized a series of workshops targeting the victims of the Syrian Crisis.

The workshops lasted for 4 days (June 1-4, 2015) in the Turkish city of Gaziantep, where they addressed the topic through four main axes.

Good Work

In light of the increasingly difficult events in Syria and the sharp increase in the amount of humanitarian aid needed, workshops to develop the capacities of Syrian humanitarian organizations were conducted. Recent events have shown that Syrian non-governmental organizations and civil society have done well in terms of offering humanitarian aid, despite the very challenging situations and the overall lack of resources that they face.

All Syrian humanitarian organizations, (that are legally registered as NGOs) in any country can take advantage of these workshops, especially those with full-time human resources, those who are able to carry out fieldwork (either inside or outside Syria), and those who have a partnership and cooperate with local, regional, and international parties.

The workshops aim at realizing a set of objectives, such as raising the technical capacity of Syrian humanitarian organizations to provide humanitarian services according to the highest accepted humanitarian standards. Furthermore, they intend to further educate organizations on international humanitarian law, and enhance the capacity of Syrian humanitarian organizations to cooperate with the various components the humanitarian system locally, regionally, and internationally. They also aim to increase the participation of Syrian women in various humanitarian services and to educate organizations on the various methods of protecting women during times of conflict.

Knowledge and Experience

The workshops included presentations that addressed special topics in the four key areas of humanitarian labor standards, international humanitarian law, partnership and cooperation in humanitarian work, and women in armed conflicts. The presentations aim to enable participants to apply their knowledge to their daily work in their organizations, and to entrench trends relevant to the workshops’ objectives in the above four areas.

A group of specialists who have great experience and wide knowledge in humanitarian work such as Mustafa Othman, Abd Rabi bin Sahraa, Abdul Rahman Al-Mutawa, Btahir Bojlal, Fawzi Oosidik, Mohammed Odrdor, Waseem Bahja, Mohammed Koumni, and Mohammed Wahi  presented these workshops. Representatives and experts from “UNOCHA” presented workshops as well.

Bridges of communication  

It is worth noting that Qatar Charity has organized a preparatory consultative workshop about the Global Humanitarian Summit, which the United Nations intends to organize in 2016. It was conducted in cooperation with the Humanitarian Forum and under the auspices of the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (UNOCHA) in the city of Gaziantep, Turkey.

The consultative workshop was attended by 51 members in 30 active Syrian organizations.

Providing support to the workshop comes within the framework of Qatar Charity's interest in building the capacity of Syrian charity organizations, preparing them to perform humanitarian work professionally in order for them to meet their goals in a more effective manner.

Qatar charity has previously sponsored a number of scientific conferences and forums that aimed to increase capacity cooperation between Syrian humanitarian organizations, and to improve their projects outputs. Qatar Charity provided support and sponsored a number of these activities.

More recently, Qatar Charity sponsored the first conference for the developmental response in Syria that was conducted by the Islamic Sham organization in the Turkish city of Istanbul last October.

The conference highlighted the major role of developmental work in terms of supporting the Syrian people. It also aimed at inspiring the concerned people to support developmental work in Syria and to pay more attention to it in the future. It also aspired to connect with major donors in order to highlight their developmental role. The conference also aimed at taking advantage of leading experiences of developmental projects in other countries, as well as contributing to the organization and development of charitable work and civil society organizations in coordination with the related authorities in Syria.

In the same vein, Qatar charity sponsored "The Second Conference for Studying the Conditions of Syrian Refugees in Lebanon" which was organized by the "Union of Relief and Development Associations” in cooperation with the Turkish “IHH Association” in February 2014 in Istanbul. The conference presented many worksheets, conducted training workshops, and built partnerships between the organizations interested in Syrian humanitarian affairs.