QC and Al Asmakh Foundation sign Strategic Alliance Memorandum

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QC and Al Asmakh Foundation sign Strategic Alliance Memorandum

6/13/2015 |

QC and Al Asmakh Foundation sign Strategic Alliance Memorandum

  • Relief projects benefiting 29,000 affected Yemeni people, at a cost of QAR 1,500,000, in immediate implementation of the agreement
  •  Al Ansari: The strategic partnership will have a significant impact on the agreed areas of humanitarian and development work
  • Al-Ghamdi: The agreements brace the leading humanitarian role of the State of Qatar

Qatar Charity and Al Asmakh Foundation have signed a Strategic Alliance Memorandum in order to promote mutual cooperation and provide benefit and preferential advantages to both organizations.

The organizations also signed a Memorandum of Understanding for the implementation of relief projects benefiting 29,000 affected Yemeni people, at a cost of QAR 1,500,000. The agreement will enable the provision of basic food and medical items for the benefit of affected people in the governorates of Aden and Hodeidah.

The agreements were signed by Al Asmakh Foundation Chairman’s Adviser, Jassim bin Salem Al Ansari and QC Executive Director of International Development, Mohammed bin Ali Al-Ghamdi.

Joint initiatives

The two sides aim to achieve a wide range of objectives, including the promotion of the regional and international presence of the parties, building the two parties’ capabilities - particularly in common areas - maximizing the chances of the two parties in the mobilization of resources from various sources, cooperating in programs and projects that serve specific joint common goals, promoting opportunities to influence the areas relevant to their joint work, both regionally and internationally, and developing best practices in areas of common interest.

The Strategic Alliance Memorandum came in light of the belief of the two organizations in the importance of strengthening bilateral cooperation to achieve common objectives by all means possible, including, but not limited to the implementation of joint initiatives, the implementation of specific programs and projects funded wholly or partly by the parties and full implementation of programs and projects co-financed by the other party.

In order to ensure the effectiveness and continuity of the alliance, the two parties will allocate an equal annual amount, (to be determined at a later date) in order to provide self-financing for projects of joint cooperation between them.

Following the signing of the Strategic Alliance Memorandum, Al Ansari said: “This agreement is a source of pride for Al Asmakh Charity, signed with an organization with a long history of successful experience in humanitarian work.”

Al Ansari stressed that the strategic partnership will have a significant impact on the agreed areas of humanitarian and development work, enhance opportunities for coordination and integration between national humanitarian organizations, and enable the best in national charity. Al Ansari highlighted the successful prior collaboration that took place between the two organizations in Sudan.

Al-Ghamdi said: “Qatar Charity is extremely optimistic about the signing of this agreement with Al Asmakh Charity Foundation, and we count on it to help in the promotion of opportunities that will have a positive impact on our institutions as well as the promotion of developmental and humanitarian issues at the regional and international level.”

Al-Ghamdi added that the agreement will help the two organisations keep pace with the leading role of the State of Qatar in charity work.

“The alliance is in line with QC’s belief in the importance of strengthening cooperation and partnerships and networking with relevant bodies,” Al-Ghamdi said, also praising the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding for relief in Yemen, which he said represents the first practical model for joint alliance in the country.

Practical steps

The Memorandum of Understanding will facilitate the implementation of urgent relief project for Yemen, providing aid including food for families and medical items for hospitals involved in the treatment of those injured by the events, helping promote social solidarity and deepen the spirit of brotherhood among the community.

The food aid takes the form of baskets containing five varieties of food, benefiting 22,500 people, and drugs and medical items for the benefit of 5,000 people, in addition to milk for 1,500 children, and other essential non-food items.

Humanitarian disaster in Yemen

Many Yemeni families are unable to access basic foods items, and local hospitals are in urgent need of medicines and medical consumables in order to cope with the large numbers of people injured as a result of events.

The humanitarian crisis experienced by Yemen for the past few months has exacerbated the humanitarian situation in various fields, particularly those that affect the daily life of citizens. Hundreds of thousands of people are without water and electricity, food and fuel are scarce, and there has been an almost total collapse of medical services due to electrical outages and lack of medicines and medical disposables. Significant internal displacement from major cities to rural areas has also increased human suffering.

According to United Nations data, more than 60% of Yemeni people have been living on humanitarian aid for several years, and this figure has dramatically increased in the light of the current situation.

Previous joint efforts

QC was the first Qatari charitable organization to launch a humanitarian appeal for Yemen, being the first organization to manage to reach the areas of Aden and Taiz, from its local field office, which was established twenty years ago, with volunteer teams spread across the country.

At the end of January the two organizations signed an agreement for a relief project for 15,000 refugees from southern Sudan in the states of the White Nile and Khartoum; providing them with food and medical supplies.