Qatar Charity launches ‘Labbeh Gaza’ campaign

Qatar Charity launches ‘Labbeh Gaza’ campaign

6/9/2024 | Media Center

Qatar Charity (QC) launched the ‘Labbeh Gaza’ campaign, aiming to provide the essential needs of the people in the Gaza Strip in the areas of food, shelter, and medicine. The campaign aims to benefit 550,000 persons, with a total cost estimated at QR 40 million.

The campaign aims to provide aid in four main areas: food, health, shelter, and education. In the food sector, the aid includes food packages, ready-to-eat meals, and others. Shelter assistance encompasses tents, caravans, renovating home, and building housing units. Health aid consists of medical supplies, medicines, health sector support, and hospital renovations. Education support involves renovating and building schools and universities and providing scholarships. Assistance under the ‘Labbeh’ campaign will be provided during the month of Dhu al-Hijjah and the subsequent months, utilizing available means, whether through the Qatari airlift in collaboration with relevant Qatari bodies, or through Qatar Charity via accessible crossings such as the Rafah Crossing (via Egypt) or the Karem Abu Salem crossing (via Jordan), or in collaboration with international organizations such as UNRWA and others.

Mr. Ahmad Yousef Fakhroo, CEO's assistant for the Resources Development and Media sector at Qatar Charity, stated that Qatar Charity has dedicated this campaign to the first ten days of the month of Dhul-Hijjah, which are considered the best days to compete in doing good deeds.  He indicated that the campaign came due to the worsening humanitarian situation in Gaza, which is further exacerbated by the acute shortage of basic necessities. He urged the generous people in Qatar, who always aid the needy, to continue supporting the people of Gaza. Their support will help meet the essential needs of the people of Gaza and alleviate their suffering, especially during these blessed days.

Qatar Charity accepts donations through its website, mobile app, and digital tools. One can contribute through this link: [].

Also, a ‘Home Collector’ can be requested through the app (, in addition to dialing 44920000 for this purpose. Furthermore, benefactors can donate at Qatar Charity’s branches, as well as at its collection points in the commercial complexes.