QC honors sponsors, partners and supporters of ‘Marriage’ program

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QC honors sponsors, partners and supporters of ‘Marriage’ program

6/13/2015 | شركاؤنا

QC honors sponsors, partners and supporters of ‘Marriage’ program

Qatar Charity has held a special ceremony to honor sponsors, partners and supporters of its ‘Marriage’ program, which has benefited over 150 young people since it began.

The program targets Qatari youth, offering support in the area of ​​marriage and family stability, encouraging them to marry by reducing the associated financial burden, in addition to providing couples with moral support through an associated program, ‘Co-living’, which aims to educate young couples on how to maintain a good family life and avoid divorce.

Among those honored during the ceremony was the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, Aspire Zone and Barwa Company, sponsors of the program, partner Ansari Complex and supporters Ali Bin Ali Group.

The ceremony began with verses from the Nobel Qur'an, followed by a speech from Abdel Nasser Mohammed Al Yafei, QC Executive Director for Local Development, and a first video on the program, giving the attendees the opportunity to witness what has been achieved so far, before a speech for the young beneficiaries of the project, a documentary video of the second edition of the project and a speech from Sheikh Sultan Al-Otaibi.

At the end of the ceremony, the sponsors, partners and supporters were honoured, in addition to members of the accompanying committee consisting of Messrs Hassan Buraiki, Ahmed Alfaragabi, Muhammad Faraj, Salman Al Hosni, Lashkar-Shahwani, Khamis Al Marikhi, Jassim Al-Ali and Nasser Abdul-Jabbar.

Five marriage registrars who participated in this program, including Sheikh Sultan Al-Otaibi were also recognised.

The ‘Marriage’ program  offers two types of assistance; material assistance in the form of two marquees and food and drinks, and moral assistance provided by a number of committees, including the Sharia Committee, the Dignitaries Committee, the Youth Committee and the Advisory Committee, which provide specialized and expert tips and guidance for young people via special sessions held in cafes, restaurants and shopping malls, with a maximum of four young people in each session, and continuing  until after the marriage.

The first edition of the program benefitted over 50 young people and the second around a 100. The third, expected to be launched in the coming days is expected to benefit even more.

The ‘Marriage’ program was launched under the auspices of the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs and is implemented by the QC Local Development team.