Educate A Child and Qatar Charity Launch

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Educate A Child and Qatar Charity Launch

6/13/2015 |


5 APRIL 2015


Educate A Child and Qatar Charity Launch

"Teach Me" Campaign


The new campaign is designed to raise money and awareness for the issue of

out of school children around the world


Doha, 5 April 2015: Educate A Child, a programme of Education Above All (EAA), and Qatar Charity today announced the launch of the "Teach Me" campaign to raise awareness about the issue of millions of out of school children worldwide who are missing out on basic primary education as a result of poverty, conflict, natural disaster, and discrimination and the need to provide them with high-quality education as one of their basic human rights.


Launched in 2012, EAC aims to trigger significant breakthroughs in providing quality primary education to the 58 million out of school children around the world. Through EAC supported programming, children overcome barriers to educational access and retention.


The joint campaign follows the Memorandum of Understanding that Qatar Charity and Education Above All Foundation signed last year. EAC is a global initiative that Her Highness Sheikha Moza bint Nasser launched to support out of school children worldwide. Under the MoU, the two parties will cooperate on joint activities in a number of countries targeted by Educate A Child.


Targeted Countries

The one-year "Teach Me" campaign, will focus on fundraising for educational projects and activities, in countries where children suffer from hard and extreme conditions. The campaign will seek to raise QR 110 million, which equates to over 270,000 children receiving access to one year’s education.


Ways to Donate Money

The cost of a full year study for one child is QR 400. Donors can also give any amount of money to the campaign through the donation channels that Qatar Charity will dedicate to this campaign in its headquarters and branches in Qatar.  Donations can also be made to EAC through Qatar Charity’s collection points in shopping malls, special donation boxes in schools and other centers, and through Qatar Charity’s website, as well as by bank transfers.


Individuals can also donate by sending SMS messages via Ooredoo and Vodafone using the code “Edu” to number 92429 to donate QR 1,000, sending the number 92428 to donate QR 500, the number 92642 to donate QR100, the number 92632 to donate QR50, and the number 92133 to donate QR25.


Mohammed Ali AlGhamdi, Director of international development, commented: "The “Teach Me” campaign supports children's right to education, as too many of them are deprived of this right worldwide, especially in countries suffering from wars and natural disasters. This dictates that all virtuous people work to change this situation."


He added: "The campaign is in line with Qatar Charity's objectives, as education is one of our focus areas. Qatar Charity has offices and quality educational programmes in most of the countries targeted by the Teach Me initiative. I am optimistic that this first joint effort by Qatar Charity and Educate A Child will succeed and that the public in Qatar and the rest of the world will positively interact with it."


Commenting on the joint campaign, Fahad Al Sulaiti, Deputy CEO, Education Above All, said: “We are delighted to be starting this joint campaign with Qatar Charity, and are grateful for their support in raising funds for Educate A Child’s cause of providing access to quality primary education to out of school children worldwide. There are 58 million children around the world who are not benefitting from their basic human right to education, and we hope that this joint initiative will be a step towards making a difference to out of school children.”




Educational Projects


Qatar Charity turns special attention to education in projects it is currently implementing in dozens of countries across three continents. In the first half of 2014, the organization spent approximately 35,241,200 riyals on 165 educational projects that included school building, student and teacher sponsorships, training courses, and others.


About Educate A Child

Launched in 2012, EAC aims to trigger significant breakthroughs in providing quality primary education to the 58 million children who currently have no access to schooling. Through EAC supported programming, children overcome barriers to educational access and retention. With the overall goal of successfully completing an entire cycle of quality primary education, EAC strives to improve both individual and social outcomes for these children. For more information, visit

About Education Above All


Education Above All (EAA) is a global initiative founded in 2012 by Her Highness Sheikha Moza bint Nasser of Qatar. EAA’s aim is to build a global movement that contributes to human, social and economic development through quality education and other welfare programmes and initiatives. With a particular focus on areas affected by poverty, conflict and disaster, EAA champions the needs of children and youth and empower them to be active members of their communities. By meeting the demand for education, EAA equips them to support sustainable development and to nurture environments of peace, security, justice and prosperity. EAA is the umbrella organisation overseeing three core programmes: Educate A Child, Al Fakhoora and Protect Education in Insecurity and Conflict (PEIC), as well as one special project, the Kakuma Project. For more information, visit