QC honors Asmakh Real Estate for contributing to the Taif Project

QC honors Asmakh Real Estate for contributing to the Taif Project

6/13/2015 | Gaith

QC honors Asmakh Real Estate for contributing to the Taif Project

Qatar Charity has honored Asmakh Real Estate for its contribution to the Taif project.

Asmakh Real Estate ran an in-kind collection from April 15 - May 10, during which it collected 8 tons of clothing, in addition to large quantities of furniture, electronic appliances, toys and sports equipment.

QC Director of In-kind donations, Amer Al-Busairi, presented a certificate of appreciation to the management of Asmakh Real Estate, represented by its General Manager Fadi Baraka.

The funds raised will go towards the Taif project which aims to create 4,500 housing units, beginning with  Arab Gulf and Loloa complexes, Misherb and Sad complexes, then Waab complex, in addition to Rayyan, Markhia and Ein Khaled complexes.

 “Qatar Charity is very pleased with this cooperation, which embodies the spirit of philanthropy and social responsibility within Qatari institutions, and reflects positively on social harmony,” Al-Busairi said.

“Qatar Charity has always had a keen awareness of the importance and necessity of charity work, and this was proved today through the impressive efforts of Asmakh Real Estate,” Al-Busairi added.

Al-Busairi noted that this is not the first collaboration between QC and Asmakh in the context of doing good; the two institutions have already cooperated in multiple areas and we hope to continue this cooperation and expand it across multiple fields.


Baraka expressed his pride for his company and its staff and the honor he felt working with what he named “the most prestigious institution of charitable work in Qatar”; noting that Asmakh chose to cooperate with QC  not out of coincidence but because of its distinctive reputation for charity work across the world. He also said that charity work is a priority for Alsmack Real Estates.

Baraka added that all of the Asmakh residential complexes are at the disposal of QC for charitable purposes and said that he hoped that the cooperation will continue and expand to include other areas.

He concluded by saying ‘’ Regency Concierge will be honoured to do accept any offer of charity cooperation with QC, praising the role of QC in developmental and charitable work.’’


Enlarging Cooperation

The cooperation with Asmakh came to light due to QC’s belief in the important role played by national institutions in social responsibility programs and community interdependence and therefore the Taif Al-Khair project has signed a number of agreements and partnerships within the country.

New outlets and markets

After a number of important achievements and successes in this area in the last few years, QC has increased its outlets for the project in order to spread the benefits, with new markets in Al Khor and Umm Said, in addition to the four permanent charity markets that are open to everyone in the city of Doha under the umbrella of Taif Al-Khair kind donations Project, distributed to the industrial zone (2 Street and 48th Street), the Sonbila Al-Khair market held on Thursday and Fridays and another in the village of Barwa.

Taif Al-Khair

The Taif project is a unique initiative that seeks to help the needy and those of low-incomes in a manner that preserves their human dignity by promoting a spirit of volunteerism in the community, enabling individuals and organizations to donate unwanted clothes, toys and household items to QC which collects these donations and distributes them as needed via  the charity market or distribution points, with the proceeds going to humanitarian projects to help the target beneficiaries.