Qatar Charity Introduces Donation Pages and an Application on its Website

Qatar Charity Introduces Donation Pages and an Application on its Website

6/23/2015 |

As the first-of- its-kind technical service provided by a charity in the region,

Qatar Charity Introduces Donation Pages and an Application on its Website

Qatar Charity constantly seeks to keep up with communication technologies to facilitate donation.

Qatar Charity has launched a new donation service on its website, and provided an electronic application for smart phones. This comes as a part of its continuous efforts to follow up with new communication technologies to facilitate donation. This service is the first of its kind among charities in Arab and Gulf regions.

This website and smartphone app service allows philanthropists to setup personal pages. Through this page, philanthropists will be able to plan their donations on a monthly or annual basis, based on their personal goal. It also enables donors to specify the donation sums allocated for the realization of these objectives. Furthermore, each page shows the progress made by the donor and the balance of donation required to achieve the targeted goal. It also provides information about the nearest Qatar Charity donation collector to conclude the donation process easily. Moreover, this service allows the donor to track the collector’s movement, information, and time needed to arrive, and allows him/her to call that collector anytime.

In addition, the updated website of Qatar Charity includes an electronic gateway for donation. Donors will be able to search to choose field of donation, project and the country to which the donation will go.

The updated website has two news interfaces: an international one and local one. Each interface has two sub-gateways: one for news (local news for the local section and international news for the international section) and another for success stories.

Kiosk Machines

In a related context, the technical development and updating also included installing Kiosk machines to allow donations via credit cards. New machines have a more attractive and user-friendly interface, and will be available by the beginning of the holy month.

Qatar Charity had previously launched a number of websites and smartphone applications that provide innovative methods to fund its relief and development programs and projects through the internet. Some of these websites and applications are:



Travel and Donate Website

It is a new website designed and run by Qatar Charity to allow people to support humanitarian projects implemented by Qatar Charity throughout the world. This is done through booking flights or hotels and other related travel services without any additional costs.


Steps of Benefaction Application (Walk and Donate)

It is a smartphone application that combines charity work and physical fitness. In other words, each step made while using this application can contribute to building educational or health facilities for poor communities. Thus transforming daily walk into charity works, as sponsors fund new charity projects when reaching a certain number of steps (one million step for instance).