QC Presents ‘Mushaf Bassira’ (a copy of the Holy

QC Presents ‘Mushaf Bassira’ (a copy of the Holy Quran for the visually impaired) as a gift to 2,000 visually impaired persons in Indonesia

8/9/2015 |

In a ceremony sponsored by the Qatari Ambassador in Jakarta,


QC Presents ‘Mushaf Bassira’ (a copy of the Holy Quran for the visually impaired) as  a gift to 2,000 visually impaired persons in Indonesia


  • Indonesia's x-minister of endowment: QC offers exquisite projects to the Indonesians
  • The Holy Quran distribution will include 7 cities in 4 islands


In Indonesia, QC inaugurated its campaign "Mushaf Bassira" to distribute 2,000 copies to visually impaired persons.


The inauguration ceremony was held in Filmang city in Sumatra Island under the auspices of Mohammed Al-Khater, Qatar Ambassador in Indonesia, and in the presence of the governor, and other important figures. Dr. Said Agil Husin Al Munawar, Indonesia's x-minister of endowment and religious affairs, attended the ceremony and expressed his great appreciation and sincere gratitude to the Qatari ambassador and QC for coming to the city and for distributing copies of the Holy Quran to the visually impaired persons. "We are very happy to be here today. This excellent project cannot but be added to a long list of great projects which QC implements in our country," he said.


Mohammed Al-Khater, Qatar ambassador in Indonesia, said "I am happy to attend this wonderful ceremony. This project is very special because it offers a sacred service. Helping the visually impaired by giving them copies of "Mushaf Bassira", which will assist them in reading and memorizing the Quran, is a precious deed. I also thank QC for all the great efforts it exerts here in Indonesia, the big Islamic country."


Then, the copies were distributed to the visually impaired persons sitting among the audience; and were introduced to the different functions of the copy which made them feel very joyful, and thankful.


Mr. Karam Zeinhom,  Country Director of QC Indonesia, said, "This copy of the Holy Quran "Mushaf Bassira" will not serve the Visually impaired persons in Jakarta only, but will extend to serve others in 7 different cities, in 4 Indonesian islands. I thank and appreciate all of you for coming and attending the inauguration of the campaign."


Important Features


The idea of Mushaf Bassira is to provide a manual written in Braille code. Users can select the surah (chapter) they wishe to listen to, and can rewind the verses they wants.


The Mushaf also allows a user to listen to the explanation of the verses; which means s\he can listen to the recitation of the Quran, memorize it, and learn its meaning.

In cooperation with a Malaysian company, QC printed "Mushaf Bassira" to the visually impaired so as to learn the Quran and listen to its recitation easily.


This unique product is very important because there are more than 7,000,000 visually impaired persons in the Arab world. Most of these people cannot afford buying a copy of the Quran written in Braille code; it is expensive, and very big.


This copy has a list of all the surahs (chapters) printed in Braille code with an electronic pen with a sound system. The visually impaired person can use it to listen to famous Quran reciters, to learn the meaning of the words, to know the occasions and circumstances of revelation, to control the sound volume, to easily find the surahs and verses, and to listen to several invocations.


Good-doers can donate by using QC's website qcharity.org\MUSHAF or by going to the QC's headquarter, its branches, or its collecting booths in malls. Ooredoo customers can send "بصيرة"  in an SMS to 92652 to donate 400 QR.



The House of the Quran


As part of its interest in teaching Quran and its sciences, QC has implemented a project in Indonesia called "Bait Al-Quran" (The House of the Quran) at a cost of 1,500,000 QR by the end of last year.  It offers different services, and more than 350 students are benefiting from it.


The project is basically a school which consists of 6 classes, a mosque, laboratories, a library, a water well, 8 bathrooms, a dorm for the teachers, another one for the students, and two stores.


QC helps improve the educational field so that it would be effectively used. Until the end of last year, QC established around 15 centers which offer different services set in different cities in Indonesia.


QC had already implemented several cultural and educational projects in Indonesia. It also built 16 schools which benefit 53,000 Indonesian citizens. QC also built 496 mosques in Indonesia that serve 25,000 people. Furthermore, QC printed and distributed copies of the Holy Quran to almost 150,000 people.