"Al Maha Medical" Delegation Visits Al Amal

"Al Maha Medical" Delegation Visits Al Amal Hospital for Syrian Refugees

12/6/2015 |

As part of its periodic inspection, a delegation from Al Maha Medical visited Al Amal Hospital, in Reyhanlı, which QC had helped establish and is currently contributing to its operation. Such cooperation is considered to be the introduction of a future joint work in offering medical consultation and contributing to conducting studies, making relief plans, and suggesting solutions.

This 3-day-long visit is part of the evaluation of the work progress of the medical services offered by the hospital. Its purpose is to identify the hospital's needs for drugs, devices and medical staff. Plus, it is meant to make an annual plan to support the hospital for the year 2016.

QC's office in Turkey and Dr. Hamdi Othman, Al Amal Hospital General Director, received the delegation. Dr. Othman was happy with QC's visit and its evaluation of work progress. He also commended QC's cooperation to suggest a strategic visualization for development so as to offer better services to the Syrian patients.  

The delegation included Dr. Mohammed bin Hamad Al Jaffali Al Na'imi, Al Maha Co. General Director; Engineer Murad bin Ahmed Yehya, Al Maha Medical CEO in Qatar; Dr. Munir Mohammed Hassan Rayyan, Al Maha Healthcare General Director in UAE; and Mr. Salah Mohammed Al Mahmoud, Marketing and External Affairs Director.

The delegation visited the hospital's different units and viewed the work progress in the divisions. They also viewed the way of storing drugs and other medical disposables, and viewed the managerial procedures.

Dr. Hamdi mentioned the hospital's achievements in the past three years. First, the hospital started receiving Syrian patients and operating critical surgeries due to complications after the patients' earlier surgeries. Then, thanks to QC support, the hospital developed to include the following clinics: internal medicine, pediatric medicine, general medicine, ophthalmology, ENT, Osteology, Neurology, Maxillofacial surgery, and General and Pulmonary Surgery.  

Al Maha Medical is a Qatari company specialized in manufacturing medical and drug products. It has a strategic goal to manufacture all of Qatar's medical needs according to International Quality Standards. The company is also interested in supporting humanitarian work. It has offered several medical aids to different parties.

Al Amal Hospital is the only hospital in the region that offers its services to Syrians coming from Syria or are refugees in Turkey. In December 2012, the hospital opened its doors after QC had greatly funded the equipment of most of the hospitals' divisions and paid for its expenses for more than a year. The total of what QC contributed to the hospital in the past 3 years is around 4,000,000 QR.

The number of beneficiaries in the year 2014-2015 alone reached 100,250 Syrians. 3,519 surgeries were conducted in the hospital, most of which were critical and specialized. The surgeries included orthopedic, neurological, maxillofacial, general and pulmonary, ophthalmic, plastic, urinary, and ENT.

Al Amal Hospital

Al Amal Border Hospital was established in the Turkish city “Reyhanlı” near the Syrian borders as one of the qualitative projects implemented by QC for the Syrian people. Al Amal Hospital represents an integrated project where free specialized operations and surgeries can be performed on the wounded Syrians. The hospital also serves to minimize the costs and burdens on charitable associations that pay for the treatment and traveling of the patients.

The establishment of the hospital was funded by QC in cooperation with the Turkish Humanitarian Relief Foundation (IHH) and the Syrian Society for (SY-DER) Humanitarian Aid and Development (SY-DER); the latter is a Syrian Charitable association that provides its services in Turkey.

The hospital contains 30 beds, 10 IC rooms, 11 examination rooms, 3 operation rooms, 2 radiography rooms, and one medical laboratory. It also contains a number of clinics of different specializations like internal medicine, pediatrics, Gynecology, and Plastic Surgery; emergency rooms; and a morgue to keep the dead bodies until received by their relatives.


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