QC’s Delegation Visits Rofaqa Village for Orphans

QC’s Delegation Visits Rofaqa Village for Orphans in Sudan

12/14/2015 | Rofaqa challenge

The village consists of 200 apartments, a kindergarten, 2 primary schools, 2 secondary schools, a training center, a medical clinic, a mosque, a market, two water plants and playgrounds for the children.

The village offers comprehensive services to 200 families of the orphans, and 5,000 people from the surrounding regions. It offers shelter, health, education, qualification, sports, and entertainment services.
The village’s work progress is fast. It is expected that it will be entirely established by the middle of next year.

Mohammed Hamed Al Billa, Wali River Nile in Sudan; and His Excellency Mr. Rashid bin Abdu ar-Rahman Al Na’imi, Qatar Ambassador in Sudan; were present during the inspection visit QC’s delegation paid to the village. The delegation was headed by Mr. Youssef bin Ahmed Al Kuwari whose visit was to review the work progress of Rofaqa Village for Orphans which QC had started establishing in River Nile state few months earlier at a cost of 32,000,000 QR. 

 ‘Rofaqa Village’ is considered to be a comprehensive developmental environment which works on developing the orphans’ personalities. It has multiple facilities that offer basic services in the fields of shelter, health, education, qualification, sports and entertainment. The village is situated in Ad-Damar in Nile River state; 200 families of the orphans and 5,000 people from the surrounding regions benefit from it.


Facilities of the Village

The village consists of 200 apartments (for widowed mothers and their orphaned children), a kindergarten, 2 primary schools (one for boys and one for girls), 2 secondary schools (one for boys and one for girls), a training center, a medical clinic, a mosque which can receive 800 performers of prayer, 2 water plants (2 wells with tanks to provide the village with drinking water), playgrounds and fields. The inhabitants of nearby regions are expected to benefit from the services the village offers, as well.

The work on the village started this March (2015) and is expected to be over in January 2016. Although the work on the village was supposed to be over in March 2017, it is expected to be over 9 months earlier because of the fast work progress, and the technology used in building (prefabricated roofs, for example) which QC uses for the first time.

The Ambassador’s Speech

During the inspection visit, Mr. Al Na’imi expressed his appreciation for the Sudanese people stressing the fact that the officials of the two countries work to develop their relationships. He also thanked QC for its distinguished developmental projects.

Mr. Al Kuwari, QC’s CEO, emphasized QC’s interest in establishing the village for the benefit of the orphans, “QC cares so much about the orphans. It aspires that this village will make a difference in their lives and that they will benefit from its services and facilities.”

In addition, a representative of Ad-Damar welcomed the guests and QC’s delegation and commended its efforts in implementing such project. “We are expecting that it will greatly contribute to the development of our region,” said he.

At the end of the ceremony, Mr. Al Billa thanked Qatar and its people for their support of humanitarian work around the world in general and in Sudan in particular. “QC has been of great help in contributing to the peace, stability, and development in Darfur. We thank it for standing by the side of its Muslim brothers and sisters in the poor communities in Asia and Africa. QC is always there to help in times of disasters and catastrophes,” Mr. Al Billa said. He also honored His Excellency the Ambassador of Qatar and QC.

 ‘Rofaqa Initiative’ aims at offering comprehensive care for the orphans and children around the world. It aspires to include all different fields such as social, educational, health and psychological services. Since its establishment in December 2013, 41,000 orphans have been sponsored. QC currently sponsors more than 80,000 orphans worldwide.


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