Rofaqaa Village for Sudanese Orphans at Its Final

Rofaqaa Village for Sudanese Orphans at Its Final Stages

8/20/2016 | تحدى رفقاء

From which 200 orphaned families benefit

Rofaqaa Village for Sudanese Orphans at Its Final Stages



QC hopes that Rofaqaa for Orphans Village would help make a difference in the lives of the orphans who will be benefiting from its services and its surrounding environment.

QC's office in Sudan announced that the pre-final stages of Rofaqaa Vilalge for Orphans are done. 200 orphaned families and more than 5,000 people will directly and indirectly benefit from the projects.

Mr. Hussein Kirmash, QC's Office Director in Sudan, said, "Thanks to the quick pace of work, Rofaqaa Village in Sudan is almost done. High technologies were used in the building process such as using already established roofs. We hope that we will be able to make a difference in the lives of the orphans who will be benefiting from this project and its surrounding environment".

Engineer Jamal Qassam, Field Technical Support Official at the Executive Management of International Development, said, "After finishing the building of all the village's facilities in Sudan, the final floor and textile work is going to be carried out; in addition to internal and external painting, lighting and toilets. The work on streets, roads, green playgrounds and children play grounds, schools' furnishing and health center and occupational training centers establishment will begin as well".

 QC started the work on this village in Nile state in the north of Sudan months ago at a cost of QR 32,000,000. This village is considered a comprehensive developmental environment that is built to improve the orphans' character. The facilities of the village offer multiple services such as shelter, health, education, qualification, sports, and entertainment.

In Nile state in Damer, 200 orphaned families directly benefit from this village, and more than 5,000 people from surrounding areas indirectly do.

Village's Facilities

The village consists of 200 apartments (for widowed mothers and their orphaned children), a kindergarten, 2 primary schools (one for boys and one for girls), 2 secondary schools (one for boys and one for girls), a training center, a medical clinic, a mosque which can receive 800 performers of prayer, 2 water plants (2 wells with tanks to provide the village with drinking water), playgrounds and fields. The inhabitants of nearby regions are expected to benefit from the services the village offers, as well


Earlier Visit

QC's delegation from QC, headed by Mr. Yousef bin Ahmed Al Kuwairi, had already visited Rofaqaa Village for Orphans in the presence of Mr. Mohammed Hamed Al Billa, Wali of Nile River State; and His Excellency the Ambassador of Qatar in Sudan Mr. Rashid bin Abdul-Rahman Al Na'imi.

100,000 Sponsored

The number of sponsored orphans by QC exceeded 100,000 orphans. QC is thus considered the most sponsoring institution worldwide. QC's sponsored orphans are from 34 different countries. They receive comprehensive care and monthly payments. Sponsoring and taking care of orphans is considered a priority for QC. 

Rofaqaa Initiative

Because QC always seeks to offer its services to the biggest number of orphans, it has already launched International Rofaqaa campaign for orphans, their sponsorship and care around the world. It will do so through implementing developmental projects from different fields. Rofaqaa is mainly interested in children's cases and orphans' around the world. It offers its care through active programs, supports orphans, supports the orphans' families, empowers them economically and does its best to ensure them a dignified life.





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