Qatar Charity Implements 46 income- generating

Qatar Charity Implements 46 income- generating projects in Sudan

11/22/2016 |


To promoting its developmental and humanitarian role in the global areas of intervention, QC implemented 46 income-generating projects in Sudan in favor of more than 322 people during the last months of 2016.

The projects included providing trucks, grain mills and taxis "Rakshah", distributing sewing machines to housewives and implementing poultry and livestock- breeding projects. QC hopes that these projects would bring revenues to enable people to live a decent life.

More than 322 individuals benefited from these projects that amounted to a quarter of a million Qatari Riyals.  They were carried out in Khartoum State, Northern State and South Kordofan.

Mr. Hussein Kermash, the Director of QC Office in Sudan said, "The income-generating projects are important as they alleviate the suffering of the poor and low-income people under the conditions of lack of employment. In addition, they encourage these groups to be self-reliant through providing a decent work with constant income."

He assured that QC office in Sudan carried out a feasibility study to ensure the benefit of these projects. The feasibility study revealed that these projects are useful and income generating, and they will improve the living conditions of hundreds of individuals and families. Therefore, QC office in the Sudan have funded them immediately.

Mr. Kermash extended his sincere thanks to the people of Qatar and the residents in Qatar for their ongoing support and donations in favor of the different projects implemented in the Sudan.  These projects increase the individuals' productivity and integrate them into the economic life, so that they become productive people who can support the country's economic growth and sustain their families as well.


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