Qatar Charity Distributes 1500 Food Baskets to

Qatar Charity Distributes 1500 Food Baskets to the Displaced of Aleppo

1/24/2017 |

  • 9000 affected people benefit from  ready –to eat baskets and regular food baskets
  • QC thanks the people of Qatar for their contribution to alleviating the suffering of their brothers who encounter hard conditions. 


More than 9000 displaced persons have benefited from urgent food assistance provided by QC as part of the first phase of the distribution plan within “Support Aleppo” campaign supervised by Qatari humanitarian organizations. The distribution process will continue until the end of this month.

At the presence of officials from Turkey and Qatar, Qatari humanitarian organizations, under supervision of Regulatory Authority for Charitable Activities, have launched the first phase of Immediate Response project for the affected people of Aleppo at a cost of QR25000000.

Food Supply

QC has been charged with implementing Food Supply project at a cost of QR5000000, targeting 61000 families which are about 366000 individuals in western rural Aleppo, Idlib countryside, and the northern countryside of Hama.

The committee member of “Support Aleppo” campaign Mr.  Mohammed Ali Al-Ghamdi explained that the project funded by the philanthropists of Qatar, aimed at feeding tens of thousands of displaced people, helping them to face adverse climatic conditions, and responding rapidly to the humanitarian conditions of the displaced people in the targeted areas.

QC field teams have distributed more than 1500 food baskets to 9000 displaced persons who have abandoned their lands and homes. The distribution process will continue until the end of this month, Ghamdi added.

Difficult Situations

Al-Ghamdi made it clear that the distribution areas included Idlib and Aleppo countryside regions, where displaced people are suffering from hardship conditions, due to the deterioration of humanitarian condition in Syria in general and in Aleppo in particular. They are in a dire need of immediate survival needs to still alive.  The aid included 48000 ready-to-eat food baskets, and 12940 regular food baskets, distributed to the displaced families from Aleppo in areas of displacement.

Thanks to the People of Qatar

It gives me pleasure on this occasion to thank the people of Qatar who alleviate the suffering of their brothers who are encountering challenging conditions, Al-Ghamdi said.

Al-Ghamdi pointed out that the relief aid included ready-to eat food baskets and regular food baskets. Ready-to eat food baskets contain jam, halva, drinking water, tuna, canned cheese, bean, and biscuit. Regular Food Baskets contain sunflower oil, olive oil,   red lentils, bean, salt, pasta, vermicelli, tomato sauce, sugar, groats, rise, flour, halva, and jam.

 It is noteworthy to mention that “Support Aleppo” campaign has been launched under directions from His Highness Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani, Emir of the State of Qatar, after canceling the celebration of the National Day in solidarity with the people of Aleppo. QR310000000 were collected for the campaign and that reflects the interaction of the people of Qatar with the affected people of Aleppo.

Joint Efforts

The partners of “Support Aleppo” including Qatar Red Crescent, QC, Eid Charity, Sheikh Thani bin Abdullah Foundation for Humanitarian Services (RAF), and Afif charity, QR25000000 were allocated as an urgent response to the campaign.


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