Qatar Charity has offered Somalia an instant

Qatar Charity has offered Somalia an instant relief due to drought crisis.

2/13/2017 |


  • The president of Puntland State of Somalia said, “The people of Qatar’s immediate help has contributed to saving lives and decreased the magnitude of malnutrition”.
  • Mohamed Hussain Omar stated, “The crisis magnitude is terrible and it needs more support to confront its negative effects.”


In “#Somalia_suffering_and_drought” campaign, Qatar Charity has implemented instant Relief Projects in Africa in the areas that were damaged by the recent drought wave in the middle and the north of Somalia. They have distributed, in the first stage, foodstuffs and potable water to 1050 families. They are going to distribute more food baskets next week for hundreds of families.  The distribution have taken place in Puntland and Galmudug where families have received food baskets enough for a month containing some rice, sugar, flour, oil, milk powder, dates and potable water. They are going to offer more food baskets as well to 550 families next week in Baidoa, one of the most damaged cities by drought wave.

Abdiweli NabadJecel, President of Puntland, has highly commended the people of Qatar on offering help for Somalis especially in crises. He has also thanked QC for their involvement and being a great support to aggrieved people because of the drought crisis which has ruined the livestock and was the reason behind water depletion. That has severely caused great damages and resulted in people’s suffering especially women, and children of whom a lot died due to diseases resulting from malnutrition and drinking undrinkable water.

Humanitarian call

Mentioning Qatar charity’s humanitarian and developmental projects which have comprised various areas in Somalia, the President of Puntland has appealed the humanitarian organizations to follow in  Qatar Charity's footsteps and help thousands of Somalis who encounter serious dangers owing to the drought wave that have completely destroyed everything. Besides, he has pointed up that Qatar Charity is taking up the lead by its pressing help to rescue the people of Somalia when it’s necessary.

A serious crisis

Mohamed Hussain Omar, QC’s Director of the Regional Office, said that implementing such immediate relief projects is a part of QC’s campaign to help Somalia, and a response to the call of international organizations that stressed the great magnitude of the crisis which is increasing. Such crisis requires organized and focused efforts leading to rescuing thousands of those who are aggrieved in the middle and the north of Somalia.

Philanthropists in Qatar stand by Somalis to meet their needs or implement developmental projects that obviously make a difference in their lives. That’s why, on behalf of the beneficiaries, Mohamed Hussain Omar has expressed his thanks to the philanthropists for continuous support for their Somalis brothers. Further, he has prompted the Qatari philanthropists to continue their giving by donation for Qatar Charity’s projects aiming to provide the relief stuffs for  the affected people due to drought wave in Somalia. Asking Allah to bless Qatar and its people, he has called them to exert efforts to face the great negative effects of the crisis.

It is noteworthy that QC has launched an urgent relief campaign to confront the effects of drought in Somalia. Through certain stocks, it has urged donors and philanthropists in Qatar to continue to donate for the benefit of their affected brothers due to their harsh suffering because of water, food and medicine shortages and the great need in this regard. The stocks are: “Water supply” which is worth 100 QR, the "food basket" which is worth 300 QR, and "medical services" with a worth of 500 QR. Donation to this campaign is also available using one of these means: send a text message “sms” having “soa” symbol to 92632 to donate 50 QR, and to 92642 to donate  200 QR, and to 92428 to donate 500 QR.

You can also Donate to the Campaign via e-mail to Qatar Charity, or via the hotline: 44667711, or through collection points and Qatar charity’s self-service devices in the malls.


You can donate to support such projects through the link: Click here