Qatar Charity launches the national program to

Qatar Charity launches the national program to reinforce a code of values

2/20/2017 | تعزيز القيم

QC has launched the fifth version of the national program to reinforce a code of values in partnership and cooperation with the Ministry of Education and Higher Education, Regulatory Authority for Charitable Activities (RACA), Koran Kareem Radio and Tarbeya Center for Future Leaders.

Qatar Charity (International Charity Organization) and its partners aim to activate the Value-Based Education in the community through the running of this program, which was launched in a press conference. This program will mainly target schools through a considerably integrated and engaging educational and cultural content by using creative and motivating methods for students to enable them to constructively interact with their teachers as well as with their peers through practice in the different areas of the program’s competition.

Yes to listening

The program’s competition “value challenge’ focuses on listening to the teachers. QC hopes to positively and substantially contribute to changing the behavior of the students as well as to direct their attention towards a number of chosen values every year through various engaging, effective and persuasive means.

Areas of contest

The contest has many areas. The first one is for students in different academic stages and it involves drawing, theatre, writing stories, animation, photographing by Instagram, and Nabati poetry. Another one is dedicated to teachers in regard to practical experiments for behavior modification. A third field is assigned to schools reinforcing values and charitable initiatives (schools that contribute to promoting the students’ aptitude for good deeds and providing them with the techniques of humanitarian projects marketing). Finally, there is a space for the guardians as well.

Preparing a value based content and distributing it to schools in order to help teachers foster the value of respect for the teacher is what has distinguished the competition this year.

Communication promotion

QC, through the national program for a code of values reinforcement, is looking forward to achieving the following:

  • Reinforcing the original values of the students.
  • Strengthening the communication values between the family and the school, which is considered the most important institute of socialization, and between the students and their peers.
  • Through the positive proposal of values, emphasizing the Qatari society constancies and pillars.
  • Developing the special ability of artistic creativity and encouraging creative talents.
  • Discovering the real talents of students and highlighting it in their society.
  • Raising the quality of Cultural Projects that are available now in the educational system.
  • A great contribution to successful attainment of listening-to-teachers value in classes.
  • Promoting the prestige of the teacher and his respect, as he is a successor to messengers’ mission. 
  • Evolving the style of management at schools using developed and efficient means.

It is worth mentioning that the last four versions of the national program for values reinforcement, suggested by QC, has included: positive responsibility, gratitude and honesty, collaboration, and “who is the most benefactor with others” value.



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