Qatar Charity Supports Al Aqsa Hospital

Qatar Charity Supports Al Aqsa Hospital

5/1/2017 |

In cooperation with the Ministry of Health, Qatar Charity has opened the CT department at Al-Aqsa Hospital in Gaza and restored its diagnosis department to provide excellent medical services to 300,000 people in the central area in the Gaza Strip.

This is a part of "Providing medicines and medical and laboratory supplies to the Palestinian Ministry of Health” project funded by QC at a cost of more than 25 million QR, aiming at restoring Al-Aqsa Hospital to bring it back into perfect use, providing it with the necessary equipment, in addition to alleviating the pain and suffering of the patients and the overcrowded hospitals in Gaza.

Humane Allusion

Dr. Mahmoud Abu Khalifa, Director of the Sponsorship Program at the Qatar Charity Office in the Gaza Strip, said that what QC has done to help the Al-Aqsa Hospital and rehabilitate a full section of it is such a great humanitarian evidence and support for the health sector in the Gaza Strip. Besides, he pointed out that the reason behind implementing this project is the responsibility for the sick and injured, especially residents of the Central Governorate who have suffered from the lack of advanced diagnostic services, which increased their suffering and endangered their lives, particularly at the times of wars and crises.

Abu Khalifa assured that QC's humanitarian mission is to aid the most needy social groups in accordance with the principles of human dignity and social justice. Accordingly, they have been keen to pay particular attention to the needs of patients in areas where there is a lack of Health Services.

Full Support

He stressed that QC never slacks on giving Palestinians a helping hand. That is to say, he referred to their several achievements in many sectors through QC’s programs, especially those related to the reconstruction program through the Islamic Development Bank. These sectors included health, education and economic empowerment, water and sanitation; agriculture and industry; housing construction, schools, mosques and cultural centers.

Moreover, he mentioned that QC is about to offer Al-Aqsa Hospital a new X ray device, within a project which supplies it with many medical devices and spare parts for the broken devices in the Ministry of Health’s hospitals.

Beneficent Hands

Bassem Naeem, Head of the Health and Environment Sector in the Gaza Strip, expressed his appreciation of QC's achievements in supporting the health sector and thanked the generous hands in Qatar who have been supporting the implementation and financing of the projects that have been a distinct addition to health work, wishing that the good people in Qatar will continue to support such projects in various health fields.

Typical Leap

Director of Al-Aqsa Hospital, Kamal Khattab, praised the efforts exerted by QC and the Qatari generous benefactors, stressing that the CT scan is a quantum leap for the hospital, which serves a large segment of the people of the central Governorate.

"We are grateful to QC for carrying out the projects that support the health sector, especially those that benefited Al-Aqsa Hospital," Khattab stated. He also  hopes they provide more support to serve the sick and the injured groups, in light of the government's deficit in the full coverage of health services due to the lack of potential.