Qatar Charity Leads the International

Qatar Charity Leads the International Humanitarian Organizations

5/29/2017 |

According to NGOs ranking and Financial Tracking Service (FTS) report issued by OCHA, QC has ranked first for several years in providing relief and emergency humanitarian assistance to different people and countries, particularly the Syrian, Palestinian and Somali people.

The number of beneficiaries of relief projects during the Syrian crisis reached about 9 million displaced people and refugees, where 5.3 million people benefited from QC’s relief last, at a cost of QR 180 million.

Due to the crises increase and high rates of displacement, the number of Relief Projects implemented by QC has increased in the recent years in different countries. QCs’ activities and projects targeted various developmental and humanitarian sectors including education, health, water, sanitation, social welfare, cultural development, economic empowerment and social housing.

The Volume of Relief Aid

In 2016, QC’s relief aid reached its peak, benefiting more than 5.3 million people affected by war, disaster and crisis in Syria, Yemen, Iraq, Palestine, Jordan, Somalia, Pakistan, Myanmar, Sudan, Sri Lanka, Albania, Djibouti, Haiti, Kenya, Niger, Indonesia, Africa and Nepal.

Relief sector

The relief aids covered different sectors and areas including providing accommodation, non-food items, food, health, education, water and sanitation services, with an estimated cost of more than QR 188 million.

Accommodation sector

In the field of accommodation and non-food items, the cost of implemented projects in 2016 amounted to more than QR 81 million, benefiting more than 700 thousand affected people, while the cost of food projects amounted to more than QR 50 million, benefiting more than 2.7 million people. Health aid projects benefited more than 360 thousand affected at a cost of 4.7 QR million.

Education field

In the field of education, the cost of implement QC aid projects amounted to more than QR 9 million, benefiting more than 80 thousand students, while the total expenditure on Water and Sanitation Projects amounted to more than QR 5 million, benefiting about 600 thousand people.

The big share

Due to the escalation of the Syrian crisis and increase of displacement rates in 2016, the Syrian people received the largest share of relief aid, with a cost of QR 150 million, benefiting more than 3.8 million people.

Yemen comes after Syria in terms of implemented relief projects volume. In 2016, QC implemented relief projects in Yemen with a cost of more than QR 16.5 million, benefiting more than 850 thousand affected people, while in Iraq the QC’s aid projects cost amounted to QR 5.7, benefiting more than 145 thousand people. In Palestine, the cost of implemented aid projects by QC amounted to more than QR 3 million benefiting 91 thousand people. In Somalia, more than 176 thousand people benefited from the aid projects at a cost of QR 3 million.

It is noteworthy to mention that the number of QC projects beneficiaries in Syria since the beginning of the crisis in April 2011 until March 2017 reached more than 8.814.336 displaced people and refugees, of whom 6.700.000 beneficiaries inside Syria and 2.114.336 beneficiaries outside Syria.

Food, health, education and accommodation sectors were top priority for Syrians because of their importance and necessity to build a new generation contributes to the building of Syria in the future.