"Baladna Firm", joins Qatar Charity as a

"Baladna Firm", joins Qatar Charity as a Humanitarian Partner


Qatar Charity signed a cooperation agreement with Baladna Food Industries, whereby the company obtained the "Humanitarian Partner" label within the gold category under Qatar Charity's social responsibility programs.

The signing of the agreement comes in light of Qatar Charity's commitment and dedication to provide the necessary aid and support to local target groups within Qatari society, and Baladna's keenness to contribute to supporting humanitarian work, as a duty towards society.

Under the terms of the agreement, Baladna Food Industries enjoys the advantages of a humanitarian partner for providing support and assistance to the social programs and projects implemented by Qatar Charity for the benefit of the target groups within the society.

Qatar Charity was represented in signing the agreement by Mr. Ahmed Youssef Fakhro, Assistant CEO of the Resources Development and Media Sector at Qatar Charity, while Baladna Food Industries was represented by its director, Mr. Piet Johannes Hilarides

Mr. Ahmed Youssef Fakhro, the Assistant CEO of the Resources and Media Development Sector at Qatar Charity, stated that Baladna firm's participation in the Humanitarian Partner Program and signing the agreement with it confirms our keenness to develop the community partnership system, alongside providing support and contributing to the advancement of humanitarian projects. In addition, Qatar charity aims to integrate and network all institutions and bodies in cooperation partnerships that emphasize the concept of social responsibility.

Furthermore, Mr. Ahmed Youssef Fakhro, also stated that Qatar Charity is keen to expand the scope of cooperation with institutions, bodies and individuals in the country in order to implement ambitious programs and initiatives to serve the local community. Qatar charity also believes in the importance of the role that companies and institutions play to contribute to the development of society, and fulfill the national vision of the state.

From his side, Mr. Piet Johannes Hilarides, Director of Baladna Food Industries, said:

“We realize that it is our duty towards social responsibility and its significance in achieving sustainable development to contribute to raising the standard of people's lives. Adding to that, it is significant to include the communities in which we work. Therefore, our goal in this collaboration is to target the local community in particular and invest in it.  We are a company that enjoys the spirit of responsibility and citizenship. This interest is nothing but support for national values to build a better sustainable future.”

It is worth noting that the Humanitarian Partner label is a special label awarded by Qatar Charity to private companies, agencies and various institutions within strategic partnerships according to different conditions and levels in terms of the social benefits of these partnerships and the scope of its positive impact. The label influences the groups Qatar Charity serves around the world and expresses the commitment of these organizations to their responsibility to society.

Furthermore, the label also represents one of the ways to support development projects by allocating a certain percentage of returns on products or services that obtain this feature from among the participating parties in favor of financing or supporting a specific project. In addition, the label serves the purpose of involving institutions and companies in the humanitarian work development system and supporting its success in achieving its noble goals. This label has several Qatari commercial companies operating in the country.

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