"You are important" initiative and Qatar Charity

"You are important" initiative and Qatar Charity Celebrating the conclusion of the first summer gathering


"You are Important" initiative, in cooperation with Qatar Charity and several other parties, celebrated the conclusion of the first summer gathering... Security and safety.

Qatar Charity hosted the closing ceremony of the summer gathering at its headquarters, during which the supporting and cooperating bodies and the participating students were honored with certificates of appreciation and memorial shields.

The Cooperation has been made with several official bodies in the country.

The first summer gathering contributed to investing the time of the participating children who attended it during the summer vacation with paragraphs that combine fun and interest.

Important activities and events

The participants unanimously agreed that the lectures, workshops, visits, and sports activities that were presented to them have added a lot of information, skills and knowledge in the field of security and safety procedures in stadiums and reinforced the values of initiative and sportsmanship.

In his speech at the closing ceremony, Mr. Abdul Rahman Muhammad Al-Hajri, Director of Programs and Community Development Department at Qatar Charity, said: “We were pleased with the participation of the affiliates of future leaders in Qatar Charity in this summer gathering, through which we are keen to build orphans’ confidence in themselves, integrate them into society and provide comprehensive care for them to gain their life skills and developing their abilities through various activities and events.

Al-Hajri added: "Because we in Qatar Charity support volunteer work efforts and youth initiatives that serve the Qatari community, we extend our hands for cooperation and effective partnership with all parties and groups in society, including the "You Are Important initiative", and we hope that this cooperation will be extended and strengthened in the future."

In a related context, Captain Saeed Juma Al-Hatmi, the supervisor of the “You are Important” initiative, said in a speech he delivered at the ceremony: “The children were introduced to this program, which lasted for ten days, in which 40 children of employees of the departments and entities participating in the state, whether security or not, participated in it. Sports, academic or humanitarian, on the national heritage and how to preserve it and promote development in society.

It is worth noting that the first summer gathering, security and safety was held from 17-28 of last July, and targeted the age group of 10-14 years, and included courses in civil defense, first aid and swimming, in addition to religious awareness lectures, sports activities, and visits to Aspire Academy The shooting range in Lusail, the South Stadium, the Olympic Museum and other events.

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