Qatar Charity to provide Adahi for the affected

Qatar Charity to provide Adahi for the affected in Gaza, Palestine


As part of its Dhul-Hijjah campaign, and with the support of benefactors, Qatar Charity (QC) seeks to launch a Udhiyah project to benefit the people of Gaza. This project aims to provide 1,200 cattle for Palestine, including 700 for Gaza and 500 for Ramallah and other cities in the West Bank.

This initiative comes as part of Qatar Charity’s efforts to support needy families and draw a smile on the faces of the affected people in Gaza and the West Bank, Palestine and bring joy to children and promote the values of solidarity and compassion.

The Udhiyah project will be implemented in Ramallah and the West Bank in coordination with Qatar Charity's team in Ramallah. In the Gaza Strip, Qatar Charity will strive to implement the Udhiyah project based on the available options.

Mr. Mana Al-Ansari, Director of Emergency and Relief at Qatar Charity, emphasized the organization's commitment to performing the Udhiyah sacrifices for the people of Gaza within the prescribed time and delivering the meat to needy families.

He explained, "There are several methods for handling the Udhiyah for Gaza. The first is slaughtering within Gaza, though the available animals are limited and insufficient. The second method involves slaughtering at the borders, either in Jordan or Egypt, within the prescribed time, then freezing the meat and transporting it later. The third option is to slaughter in a distant country, can the meat, and ship it by air to Gaza."

He added, "If more requests are received from donors, we will resort to slaughtering at the borders and freezing the meat. If the requests increase beyond what is available in Egypt, Jordan, and Gaza, canning remains an option,” noting that “several partners in Egypt, Jordan, and Turkey have been contacted.”

The campaign focuses on regions and countries experiencing exceptional circumstances or natural disasters, such as Palestine, Sudan, and Yemen, in addition to Syrian IDPs and refugees.

Qatar Charity urges the people of Qatar to continue supporting those affected in Gaza and Palestine. Contributions can be made conveniently through Qatar Charity's website [].

Also, a ‘Home Collector’ can be requested through the app (, in addition to dialing 44920000 for this purpose. Furthermore, benefactors can donate at Qatar Charity’s branches, as well as at its collection points in the commercial complexes.

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