Qatar Charity’s ongoing humanitarian aid reaches

Qatar Charity’s ongoing humanitarian aid reaches Gaza with new shipment


Yesterday, Qatar Charity (QC) began distributing a new shipment of essential food items in North Gaza and Jabalia. This shipment includes 10,000 food packages, which were delivered through Jordan in cooperation with UNRWA. More than half of the quantity has been distributed so far.

This is part of Qatar Charity's ongoing humanitarian assistance to the people of Gaza, which began in October and continues until now. The aid encompasses various areas such as food, health, shelter, and water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH), through urgent response interventions and assistance via the Qatari bridge.

Qatar Charity has shipped over 1,010 tons of aid through 97 planes via the Qatari air bridge. This aid includes 840 tons of food supplies and around 170 tons of shelter materials, non-food items, clothing, medical supplies, and hygiene kits.

Urgent Relief Project                                                

The urgent relief project of Qatar Charity also included significant additional aid, the most important of which are more than one million hot meals, approximately 70,000 food packages, more than 27,000 bags of flour, 1,250 vouchers for clothes, nearly 12,000 blankets, and 8,000 sleeping mats with accessories. Recently, 13 trucks carrying food and medical supplies were also transported through Jordan.

Qatar Charity continues to implement the ‘Labbeh Gaza’ campaign, aiming to provide the essential needs of the people in the Gaza Strip in the areas of food, shelter, and medicine. The campaign seeks to benefit 550,000 persons, with a total cost estimated at QR 40 million. Besides, Qatar Charity continues to implement the Dhul-Hijjah Campaign for the 1445 AH – 2024 season, aiming to benefit approximately 3.5 million people across the globe. The campaign seeks to distribute sacrificial meat within and outside Qatar, in addition to gathering support for implementing various developmental projects worldwide and carrying out relief interventions in Palestine and Gaza.

Qatar Charity has developed a plan for humanitarian and development programs and projects in Gaza. This plan aims to mobilize resources and support as pledged at the 9th Conference on Effective Partnership for Better Humanitarian Aid, which was held in Kuwait in May to strengthen humanitarian interventions and early recovery efforts in the Gaza Strip, and achieve effective response and reconstruction. The total estimated cost for these projects is approximately $120 million. These projects cover life-saving interventions, shelter, health, education, and economic empowerment.

How to Donate

Due to the prolonged crisis, worsening humanitarian conditions, and severe lack of basic services in Gaza, Qatar Charity remains open to receiving donations for additional humanitarian interventions and relief projects.  Urging benefactors to continue supporting their affected brethren during these auspicious days, Qatar Charity invites donations to the ‘Labbeh Gaza’ campaign. Contributions can be made conveniently through Qatar Charity's website [].

Also, a ‘Home Collector’ can be requested through the app (, in addition to dialing 44920000 for this purpose. Furthermore, benefactors can donate at Qatar Charity’s branches, as well as at its collection points in the commercial complexes.

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