Warmth Convoys Appeal 2023
Warmth Convoys Appeal 2023

Warmth Convoys

Warmth and Peace campaign

This is a platform created to motivate competing in goodness! Three convoys will set off to support refugees located in (Turkey, Lebanon & Jordan). By giving access to "food, health, winter supplies & shelter" for the neediest ones in the winter season we can soften the tragedy & deliver warmth.
Move the Convoy


Target convoys

250 Convoy


116 Convoy


134 Convoy

Convoys Destinations

Warmth Convoys will move to deliver your winter aid to the neediest countries during the winter season. Together we can soften their suffering and provide the simplest human right of being fed and getting warm.

Sponsored a convoy in your name

You can also sponsor an entire convoy in your name or the name of the one you love, with a sum of one 100,000 riyals Contact us via the following number

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