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Qatar Charity began its work in the Republic of Albania in 1994 through cooperation with local organisations. The QC of ce was of cially registered and continued working until the end of 2002. A local organisation, Friendship Foundation, then continued the work. The QC reopened an of ce in March 2014.

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About Albania

Albania is located in South-eastern Europe and the western region of the Balkan Peninsula. It is bordered by the Republic of Montenegro to the north, Kosovo to the north east, Macedonia to the east, Greece to the south and southeast and the Adriatic Sea and the Ionian Sea to the west. Tirana is the capital city of the country. Albania occupies a total area of about 28.748 sq. km, with a population of about 3.5 million people. Ethnic Albanians represent the majority of the population (95%), while ethnic Greeks represent 3%, and other Balkan ethnic groups about 2%. Muslims account for about 70% of the population, followed by Orthodox at 20% and Catholics at 10%.

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