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March 2018

Comoros office inaugurated in March 2012 in Sehandi Amdi - Bambau - Comoros.

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About Comoros

  “The Comoros Islands” is an Arab country and officially called “Union of Comoros”, where its name is derived from the Arabic word (moon). It is located in the Indian Ocean, close to the eastern coast of Africa. The closest countries to the Comoros are Mozambique, Tanzania, Madagascar and Seychelles.

  Comoros is the third smallest country in Africa, with an area of ​​1.862 square kilometres. It is also the 6th smallest African country in terms of population, that is estimated to be more than 830 thousand people, although it is one of the highest African countries in terms of population density.

  Comoros consists of four islands in the archipelago, namely: the island of Mawaly, the island of Anzouani, the island of Mahore, in addition to many smaller islands. In addition to the island of Mayotte, which is under the authority of France so far.

  The Comoros archipelago is distinguished by its cultural and historical diversity, as it formed a meeting point for many civilizations. The Union of Comoros also has three official languages, namely the Comorian language (Shuqamur), Arabic and French.

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