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The QC of ce in Kosovo isconsideredone of the most active char-ities in Kosovo as it offers great services to the Kosovan people. QC began its work in Kosovo in early 2000 afterits of ce in Albania had received Kosovan refugees during the country’s ethnic war. Following the end of the crisis and the return of refu-gees, the of ce was opened and operated until the end of 2002. Work was then carried out through a local association (acceptable association) until the end of 2013 when the QC of ce was reopened. QC obtained an of cial license number (5300556-0) from the Ministry of Interior for 2013 on 18/11/2013.

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About Kosovo

Kosovo is located in Southeast Europe and is bordered to the Southeast by the Republic of Macedonia, to the northeast by Serbia, to the northwest by the Republic of Montenegro and to the south by the Republic of Albania. Kosovo occupies an area of approximately 10,887 km2 and is dominated by green plains surrounded by mountains and hills. Four rivers and 17 lakes run through Kosovo. Over the past few years, the economy showed signi cant progress in the transition to a market system, but it still depends heavily on the international community and workers abroad for nancial and technical assistance.

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