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Combating illiteracy and poverty in needy communities through effective charity development projects and aids.

1. Field visit to explore and aid a country in cooperation with a local charity. 2. Discuss and agree on a charity development project after field visit to the country and knowing its needs. 3. Work on marketing of the agreed charity development project in Qatar and follow-up as agreed between the initiative and the charity association(s).

Seeking to promote the concept of charity development projects, which contributes in raising the productivity of a society and achieving professional stability by rehabilitating individuals and investing their abilities

Statistics In Niger


Number of children out of primary school age = 1233 child

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Poor houses

(21%) of children dies under five years are caused by malaria.

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Job chances

a million and a half young people ages 13 to 19 are neither in school nor employed.

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Current project

Contribute to the achievement of decent livelihoods


Niger is one of the poorest countries in the world. It is classified by the United Nations Development Program as the last country in the hierarchy.

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