Awad Abu Khater’s Farmland Gets Its Life Back

Awad Abu Khater’s Farmland Gets Its Life Back


The farmland of Awad Abu Khater, 40, a Palestinian citizen from Khan Yunis, has been reclaimed within the framework of Qatar Charity’s economic empowerment projects and he is no longer in need of the social welfare aid, which used to help him feed his family of nine.

His ground remained undeveloped and isolated for long time due to not having money to invest in reclaiming. However, Abu Khater benefited from an income-generating project funded by the Qatar Charity Office in the Gaza Strip.

After receiving QR 11,000 from Qatar Charity, he became able to reclaim his bare ground. Recently, he set up a “tomato” farm over seven dunums of his land, which provides a good source of livelihood to cover the needs of his family in order to live a dignified life.

Saving for a Better Cause

After paying off all the debts, Abu Khater is now saving money to purchase a laptop for his eldest son, who has achieved excellent results in the final exams of the first semester for the academic year 2017-2018.

“My dream came true through Qatar Charity with the support of the philanthropist in Qatar, who extended their helping hand to make all this happen. Once again, my farmland got its life back and resumed its agricultural activities. Now I am taking care of my family without the need of any financial support” said Abu Khater, thanking the Emir, the Government and the people of Qatar for their generosity and philanthropy.

Abu Khater Not Only One

Awad Abu Khater is not the only one who has managed to achieve the dream of living a decent life. Also, as many as 147 Palestinian families have benefited from the economic empowerment projects implemented by Qatar Charity at a cost of QR 1.4 million donated by the people in Qatar, which contributes to alleviating the economic and social pressures of poor families.

Since the beginning of the year 2018, Qatar Charity has implemented 137 other income-generating projects in the various governorates of the Gaza Strip to contribute to the transition from the needs for help and care to sustainable development and advancement.

Most of the beneficiaries are the families of those sponsored within the social welfare and sponsorship program of Qatar Charity, in addition to a number of non-sponsored poor families of the Gaza Strip. The QC’s Sponsorship Program includes many categories such as orphans, poor families, people with special needs and others.

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