Adam Awashira, Suffering from Birth

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Case No. : 15007

35999.840 QAR 844000.160 QAR

Adam Awashira, Suffering from Birth


monthly medicines which became a serious burde when his father, a teacher, and the only breadwinner, abandoned him and his

mother when he was just four years old.

Adam’s mother Kholoud, who is 36, was forced to return to the home of her mother, unable to cope with the costs

of keeping a home on top of caring for a sick child. Stroke

Adam’s doctor stressed that Adam urgentlys need 15 types of medicines on a daily

basis for life. These medicines amount to a monthly cost of Adam Raed Awashira was born with problems in his respiratory system and a rare

heart condition known as ‘situs inversus’, which means that th heart is situated further to the right than normal, in addition

to other severe deformations. Adam struggled to survive and depended on expensive

around QAR 1200 (USD 330). Without them،†he is at huge risk. When he was five years old he was taken to intensive

five years old he was taken to intensive care because there was a delay in receiving his medicine which resulted

in heart failure and a stroke which left his right hand useless. A glimpse of hope

Adam’s mother did not lose hope and did her best to find someone to help her with her with the crippling costs

of looking after her child. The stricken housewife and compassionate mother left no stone unturned. She went to

numerous local charities, including Qatar Charity’s Ramallah Office which

studied the health condition of the child and the social condition of his mother. Consequently, the office

recommended the payment of the cost of medicines for a full year as part of the Ra’d Program, funded by Qatar

Charity and the Islamic Development Bank and seeking to economically empower vulnerable families as well

as providing health care aid to other families Dreams

.Adam’s health condition has improved since he has begun receiving his

medicine on a regular basis. His mother expressed her sincere gratitude for the help she received

for her child. She hopes she will find someone to sponsor the treatment costs in the coming years so that Adam will continue to remain healthy and happy.