Qatar Charity’s 2023 health initiatives bring smiles and vitality to the vulnerable globally

Qatar Charity (QC) implemented five health initiatives in several countries in 2023, benefiting tens of thousands of children and individuals from the impoverished families. This is part of Qatar Charity’s 2021-2025 health strategy to contribute to improving the healthcare situation in several developing countries suffering from low primary healthcare service coverage. This is achieved by increasing the coverage of primary and secondary healthcare services, thus promoting sustainable healthcare development. Alquloob Alrahimah’ (Compassionate Hearts) As many as 9 projects were implemented as part of the initiative ‘Alquloob Alrahimah’ (Compassionate Hearts), benefiting 265 children in 5 countries: Senegal, Somalia, Bangladesh, Ghana, and Pakistan. This is an initiative specialized in repairing congenital heart defects in children using cardiac catheterization without the need for open-heart surgery. Ibsar (Eyesight) Qatar Charity implemented the Ibsar (Eyesight) initiative aimed at combating preventable blindness, benefiting 5,665 individuals in 10 countries: Senegal, Somalia, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Tanzania, Côte d'Ivoire, Ghana, Mali, Nepal, and Nigeria. Some 65 projects were implemented and 5,600 cataract surgeries were conducted. Sinaeat Alibtisamah (Making a Smile) Under the Sinaeat Alibtisamah (Making a Smile) initiative specialized in treating children with cleft lip, 20 projects were implemented in 5 countries: Ghana, Somalia, Pakistan, Tanzania, and Nigeria. The initiative benefited 1,000 children. Man Ahyaha (Who revived it?) It is an initiative specialized in treating children under the age of five who are suffering from severe and acute malnutrition. It targets children in two countries: Somalia and Pakistan. The initiative benefited 5,607 people. It included 6 projects that aim to provide nutrition services to three health centers in Somalia, conduct medical survey of 1,200 individuals from the target groups to assess the malnutrition rate, offer life-saving therapeutic nutrition services to 600 children under the age of five who suffer from acute malnutrition, provide therapeutic nutrition services to pregnant and lactating mothers, and increase the level of awareness in the targeted communities. Chronic Diseases Treatment This is an initiative to provide support and care for patients suffering from non-communicable (chronic) diseases. These diseases encompass four main categories: cardiovascular diseases (such as heart attacks and strokes), cancer, chronic respiratory diseases (like chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and asthma), and diabetes. The initiative implemented 7 projects in 4 countries: Somalia, Ivory Coast, Pakistan, and Ghana, benefiting 2,500 patients.


Somali President honors Qatar Charity for educational, humanitarian, and development efforts
The Federal Republic of Somalia, represented by its President HE Hassan Sheikh Mohamud, awarded a certificate of recognition to Qatar Charity for its support in the fields of education, humanitarian work, and development in Somalia. This took place during a ceremony held in the Somali capital, Mogadishu on the commencement of the study of the H.E. DR. Hassan Sheikh Mahamud Presidential PhD Scholarship Programme. This is part of a joint program between the Somali Presidency, Qatar Charity, and the United Nations University for Peace (UPEACE). The event was attended by the Somali President Hassan Sheikh Mahamud, the Minister of Education, Culture, and Higher Education Farah Sheikh Abdulqadir, the Acting Charge d'Affaires of the Qatari Embassy in Somalia Mr. Mohammed Al-Shamari, the director of Qatar Charity’s Somalia Branch Abdulfatah Adam, the UPEACE AFRICA Director Samuel Ewusi, and UPEACE Somalia Program Director Dr. Mohamed Yusuf. In his speech, the Somali President commended Qatar Charity’s pioneering role in supporting Somalia’s various vital sectors, especially education through its funding of the presidential PhD scholarship. He emphasized the importance of this scholarship in developing the capabilities of the national human resources, enriching Somali universities with scientific expertise and research competencies. He noted, “Today is a historic day as we celebrate the commencement of the PhD program funded by Qatar Charity in partnership with UPEACE. On his part, Mr. Farah Sheikh Abdulqadir, Minister of Education, Culture, and Higher Education, emphasized the importance of education, noting that the university has worked to introduce several new disciplines, such as marine science, maritime security, blue economy, and more. The minister expressed gratitude to Qatar Charity and UPEACE for their support to education in Somalia. The Economic Advisor to the Somali President, Mr. Mohamed Osman, emphasized the significance of higher education in building a better future for the country. He thanked Qatar Charity for funding this initiative, underscoring the importance of partnerships between the public and private sectors to enhance education. Mr. Abdulfatah Adam, director of Qatar Charity’s Somalia Branch, stated that Qatar Charity's participation in this scholarship is a great honor. He added that Qatar Charity had previously focused on building primary education and improving its performance, but today it is working on establishing an academic educational base. He emphasized that this scholarship represents a strong partnership between Qatar Charity, the Presidency, and UPEACE, aiming to support a better future for the Somali people. It is worth mentioning that the scholarship aims to provide financial support to PhD students at UPEACE, enabling them to pursue studies in their specific research areas and contribute to enhancing academic excellence, research, and innovation.
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Qatar aid garners appreciation from Sudan’s war-displaced women
The field teams of Qatar Charity (QC), with generous support from Qatar Fund Development (QFFD), have provided new food assistance to 20 shelters in Port Sudan of in the Red Sea state. This is part of a project aimed at supporting the affected families in Sudan with 50,000 food packages. The field teams of Qatar Charity and QFFD have delivered the packages containing essential food items to the centers in various areas. The distribution was supervised by HE Ambassador of the State of Qatar to Sudan Mohamed bin Ibrahim. Mr. Nader Abdul Karim, official of the shelters in the Red Sea State, said, “the Qatari support through QFFD and Qatar Charity, has remained present in assisting war-displaced individuals. The support reached all the shelters in Port Sudan. He added that the assistance has alleviated the hardships faced by the internally displaced persons (IDPs) living in the shelters. Two displaced sisters, Aisha and Ilham, spoke about their struggles during the displacement journey until they reached the shelter in Port Sudan, where urgent food assistance was provided to them. Mr. Aisha Ibrahim was displaced due to the war from Omdurman’s Salha to Wad Medani. Later, she and her four children, along with her ailing mother, were displaced from Wad Medani after fighting broke out on December 18, 2023. After a harsh journey, they reached the shelter in Port Sudan. Amina Shuaib Abdul Wahid, the supervisor of the Midwives Shelter, says that the conditions of the IDPs who arrived from Khartoum and Wad Madani are very difficult, as some of them have lost everything. QFFD and Qatar Charity played a significant role in supporting the center by providing all the necessary food items. Jawaher Mohamed, a mother of seven children, described the food assistance as crucial. She mentioned that it gave them hope for a dignified life.
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Foundation stone laid for Sheikh Abdullah Al Dabbagh Center for Orphan Care in Tanzania
A delegation from Qatar Charity (QC) laid the foundation stone for Sheikh Abdullah Al Dabbagh Center for Orphan Care in Tanzania. Al Dabbagh, who passed away on May 23, 2023, was among Qatar Charity’s founders and former chairman of its board of directors. The foundation-stone-laying ceremony was attended by H.E. Mr. Fahad Rashid Al-Marekhi, Ambassador of Qatar to Tanzania, Mr. Jassim Abdullah Al-Jassim, Qatar Charity’s CEO Adviser, and Mr. Ali Abdullah Al Dabbagh, in addition to several local dignitaries. H.E. Mr. Fahad Rashid Al-Marekhi, Ambassador of Qatar to Tanzania, expressed his delight in participating in laying the foundation stone for Sheikh Abdullah Al Dabbagh Center for Orphan Care, indicating that it will be a shining beacon in the paths of goodness and hope that the late Abdullah Al Dabbagh planted in the hearts of his admirers. He noted that this center will be a significant factor in building and caring for the orphans, enabling them to become a source of goodness for their country, families, and community. Mr. Jassim Abdullah Al-Jassim, Qatar Charity’s CEO Adviser, said, 'It is a great honor to participate in laying the foundation stone for this charitable complex and educational institution, which is dedicated to the orphan care.” He added, 'We look forward to making this complex a safe haven and a place filled with love and care for orphans. Here, every child who has lost a parent can receive comprehensive care, including housing, education, and healthcare, in addition to engaging in various cultural and sports activities.' He thanked the supporters of this charitable project, including the Qatari benefactors, local bodies, and the Masjid Quba Foundation, who donated the land for the construction of this center. Mr. Khamis Mwinyimku, Chairman and Trustees Member of the Masjid Quba Foundation, said, 'We are very happy to cooperate with Qatar Charity, and we hope to see the project on the ground.” Mr. Shaweji Mkumbula, Chairman of the Kinondoni District- Dar es Salaam, said, 'We appreciate the noble intervention of Qatar Charity in developmental projects that benefit our community and people. We invite Qatar Charity to implement more projects in our district.” It's worth mentioning that the project aims to build and furnish an orphan care and rehabilitation complex in Dar es Salaam. The complex will provide accommodation, education, and healthcare services for orphans. Additionally, it will also offer health, education, and water services to the local community adjacent to the complex, benefiting them indirectly from the integrated services. The QR 4.5 million project is expected to directly benefit more than 320 orphans.
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