Calculate Zakat easily via Zakat digital portal



Pay your Zakat as it is a happiness to your heart and Barakah to your money.

Qatar Charity has allocated Zakat Digital Portal as an integrated tool to calculate zakat due on wealth, including cash, stocks, cattle, gold, and business; in addition to fatwas section, which presents the most important issues of zakat payment.

Make an impact that remains longer through paying your zakat via Zakat Digital Portal, which provides integrated solutions for calculating zakat due on wealth and business as well.

1- Zakat calculator to determine zakat payable

A lot of people find it difficult to calculate zakat, and seek advice from others to help them do so. That is why Qatar Charity has developed Zakat calculator with the aim of facilitating the calculation of zakat due on cash, stocks, cattle, and gold.

2- Calculate zakat due wherever you are via Zakaty app

Qatar Charity has developed Zakaty app as well to facilitate Zakat calculation process. Zakat payment could be done and reached to recipients eligible for zakat through simple and fast steps. The app provides a number of important services, including zakat calculator to determine zakat due on wealth and business, with the option of paying it directly, and displays the most common relevant fatwas.

3- Stocks zakat calculation

Zakat Digital Portal includes zakat calculation of all types of business stocks, the fixed and speculative ones; in addition to profit purification service. The calculator determines zakat nisab on all specified stocks, profit and proportion of purification automatically, with the option of paying it directly.

4- Business zakat calculation

Qatar Charity has many years of substantial experience in calculating, collecting zakat on business, and spending it in support of charitable projects and campaigns that are zakat eligible across many regions around the world. Zakaty app provides an advanced service to calculate business zakat, with the option of paying it easily. Business owners can also seek advice from Qatar Charity zakat experts to determine Zakat Nisab on business accurately and in accordance with the provisions of Sharia.

5- Fatwas answering zakat frequently asked questions

Zakat-associated issues are divergent and couldn’t be easily found out. Therefore, Zakat Digital Portal displays relevant fatwas collected from credible sources. These fatwas are categorized as follows: general fatwas, cash, gold, silver, cattle, stocks, trade, crops, and zakat al-Fitr, so as to be accessed in a fast and easy way. Zakat Digital Portal also displays zakat frequently asked questions and offers the option of requesting a fatwa.

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