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International Charity Organization – Qatar Charity - NGO

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Immediate Need

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Sadaqah Portal

Daily Sadaqa

A special donation program that allows enrolled donors to automatically donate an agreed amount every day, to support a need every day, and enrich your days with a daily Sadaqah.

Donation Fields

Qatar Charity helps you start your own charitable project. Where or what you decide to support is totally up to you. Once you choose a project you wish to fund, you can communicate it with us, and we will take it from there.

Community Initiatives

Learn more about our social innovation projects: make an orphan wish become true, or left a life of a depressed needy, or send a gift in memory of your loved ones

Gift Love, Give Happiness

How beautiful it is to extend the effect of a gift, whatever the occasion is. A joy of giving is indeed a gift for the giver, a Happiness to the receiver and for those who benefit from it, it is a hope and a life!. Give happiness with gifts that are impactful: Helps a widow, teaches a child, waters a village, and spreads good. Choose from integrated charitable projects, or contribute to a charity, and surprise those you care about with a gift that they do not expect, Perhaps the most urgent thing they need on the occasion of marriage, healing, graduation, or a new baby.

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"Thawab" from Qatar Charity, gives you the ability to choose one of the charity projects and donate its value to the reward of the one you love.

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Qatar Charity accepts Udhiyah donations until sunset on day 4 of Eid al-Adha

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Qatar Charity’s ongoing humanitarian aid reaches Gaza with new shipment

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