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In philanthropic field, volunteers are a great resource. They work willingly for the betterment of their communities and provide help to those who need it. Volunteers comes in all shapes and sizes, they bring lots of talent, experience, and new ideas. Volunteering is not just about filling the gaps between different communities in society, it is rather a beneficial mean towards the development of societies and individuals alike.
In Qatar Charity, we work to raise awareness about the importance of volunteering work through providing trainings and courses to those interested in volunteering to non-profit organizations. Training plays a vital role for the development and motivation of individuals, as it unlocks their potential, sharpens their social skills, and opens up doors for new opportunities.
As part of Qatar’s 2030 vision, we launched this website to serve as a focal point and a repertoire that gathers volunteers from all different walks of life. Through this volunteering base, we aim at providing support to governmental and private entities to make a tangible difference in our communities and cherish the philanthropic values of our society.

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