Zakaty App - Zakat Calculation for Companies
Zakaty App - Zakat Calculation for Companies

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Zakaty App

Whether you are looking for a piece of advice about Zakat, asking for a calculation, or seeking an expert’s help, Zakaty the app comes in very handy. We launched this thoroughly accurate app to offer smart and secure solutions for Muslims who want to give their Zakat.

Finger Print and Face Detection

Zakaty ensures the privacy and confidentiality of all its users to protect them from identity theft and internet fraud. Zakaty allows Zakat givers to log in to their accounts using biometric data such as fingerprint and face recognition, or through their social media accounts, or simply logging in by email address or username created on the app.

Zakat Calculation

Zakaty provides a smart and easy approach to calculate your Zakat. Regardless of your Zakat type, our service is the way to go. Our Zakat calculator covers cash, stocks, cattle, and Zakat on gold and silver.

Zakat for Companies

Zakaty app offers a detailed guide about all you need to know about Zakat for companies.

Fatawa About Zakat

Feeling confused about your Zakat payment this year? Zakaty comes out with a list of frequent and common Fatawas to walk Muslims through their Zakat payment.

Pay Your Zakat

You can directly pay your Zakat through Zakaty. It will help you give your Zakat to Muslims in need around the world using your credit or debit card. Giving Zakat is a delicate subject that should be treated with the utmost attention to details. It requires knowledge, experience, and accuracy; therefore, Zakaty is pleased to offer you the opportunity to consult our Zakat Experts. Our experienced team of consultants are available to walk you through your zakat payment and offer you priceless advice about how, when, and where to give your Zakat. You can also request a Zakat expert to visit you at your place of residence.


Your profile on Zakaty app is your guide to a proper understanding of the Zakat concept and its conduct. You will be able to track the history of your previous Zakat payment and Zakaty will help know more about Nisab, zakat outputs, zakat types and how to calculate your Zakat.

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