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Our Mobile Apps

We believe in Qatar Charity that innovation and technology go hand in hand. Over the past few years, we have developed various smart apps to make our donors ‘experience easy, practical and efficient. Winning several regional awards, Qatar Charity’s apps showcase many features that contribute to promoting social responsibility and the importance of donation for charitable and relief projects.

  Qatar Charity app

The latest version of Qatar Charity is easy, smart, secure, and VERY practical. At a click of a button, you will be able to track your donations, manage them and browse our current running projects. The New updated version is available on IOS & Android. We have enhanced our application to serve the following: * User-Friendly: Whether you are a first-time donor or a regular one, you will efficiently manage your donations on our app. It is easy and smart. * Responsive: QC application is fast, responsive, and practical. *Secured: Our app ensures to keep all our donors' data and details highly secure and confidential. More

Ayami app is your smart Islamic calendar, as it is designed to accompany every day of your lunar calendar. The app offers many features such as Qibla direction, prayer times, Hajj guide, Ramadan Imsak and Iftar times, Fatawa, and a useful collection for supplications and Dua. Ayami is made to suit all people, adults and children alike. More

  Zakaty App

Whether you are looking for a piece of advice about Zakat, asking for a calculation, or seeking an expert’s help, Zakaty the app comes in very handy. We launched this thoroughly accurate app to offer smart and secure solutions for Muslims who want to give their Zakat. More

Besides the Holy Quran, Hadith (the sayings of the prophet Mohammed peace and blessing of Allah be upon him) plays a significant role in Islam, as it clarifies, explains and helps Muslims have a better understanding of their religion. Jamii Al Hadith App is designed with the intention of having the sayings of the prophet Mohammed (PBUH) on our phones to accompany and guide us on a daily basis. More


This app is a part of the project of Rofaqa. It is smart, easy to use and secure. Rofaqa enables you to find thousands of needy orphans across the globe. Its rich content will definitely give you deep insight into the situation of orphans in nowadays world. The app will help you set a sponsorship plan, manage it and receive periodic reports for the children you sponsor. More

Kids are different these days as well as should our approaches to teaching them empathy and compassion towards those in need. In an age when smartphones and tablets have become one of the children's most favorite toys, we introduce to you Hasalty App, a digitized experience that aims at promoting philanthropy amongst children and helping them understand the importance of charity work. Hasalty is a moneybox mobile app that is meant to help children acquire the habit of charity and encourage them to do good to the world. With the support of his/her parents, the child will download Hasalty app and create a moneybox under his/her name and save money to donate it later to a charitable project. More

  Alaqraboon App

Alaqraboon" app is a mediator between various needy groups and urgent cases within Qatar and merchants and shop owners who are partners of Qatar Charity, in order to meet urgent donation requests and assistance as fast as possible. The App allows submitting a request for financial or in-kind donation easily. . Once the required data is completed, the applicant will contact the donor merchant to benefit from the assistance provided. More