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Housing for the poor

We move to communities and call them home, we put a roof over the heads of thousands of people and call them family. Qatar Charity projects focus on rebuilding the infrastructure of damaged cities, and build homes for those affected by natural disasters, and wars. Join us and donate to provide houses to the poor and fill them with lasting love. Due to poverty, wars, and natural disasters in under-developed countries, millions of people lose their homes every year and become homeless. Unemployed, sick, and illiterate, needy people cannot afford to build or rent a house. The magnitude of the crisis is eerily increasing. The number of refugees in countries like Iraq, Syria, and Afghanistan is growing by the second, and their suffering without any help does not seem to end any time soon. In countries affected by natural disasters like Nepal, there are thousands of people remain unsheltered without a proper housing.

It is our duty in Qatar Charity to mobilize efforts towards providing, and improving housing conditions in needy communities. We have provided 694 residential units, housed 27,107 people, and we aim at housing many thousands more. Donate now to our housing projects and bring back warmth to millions of families around the globe. Your donation will greatly improve their lives. With a roof over their heads, families will be able to fight poverty, diseases, and illiteracy. Join Qatar Charity now and bring families back together.