Qatar Charity International Social Welfare Projects and Programs
Qatar Charity International Social Welfare Projects and Programs
Our efforts

Qatar Charity envisions a world where every individual has a right to a dignified life. Our social welfare programs ensure the most marginalized communities have a safety net to prevent them from falling into poverty and help establish robust social protection systems to protect vulnerable people, especially children, women, people with disabilities and the elderly.

Social welfare projects
Achievements and milestones (2014 - 2018)
Total spending Number of beneficiaries Number of countries
1,423,427,933 260,000 42

1. Reducing poverty

2. Providing education opportunities and increasing school enrollment

3. Fighting malnutrition among children and vulnerable segments

4. Minimizing social disparities among community members

5. Reducing delinquency and crime rates

Areas of Intervention

1. Establishment of multi-service centers

2. Monthly financial aid to underprivileged families

3. Access to adequate healthcare for vulnerable community members – children , persons with disabilities and underprivileged families—

4. Food assistance and non-food items

5. Seasonal aid (Eid gifts, Ramadan Iftar…)