Qatar Charity International Emergency Relief Campaigns and Projects

City of Life for Orphans - The second stage

A residential educational city for orphans from various countries around the world is being established in Istanbul, Turkey. The city aims to

My zakat for Gaza

The impact of the recent conflict in Palestine on humanitarian conditions is devastating, resulting in loss of life, food and water insecurity,

Empowering poor family

Economic empowerment is their chance to a dignified life and a better reality. Each donation is 500 Qatari riyals It gives one person the

Accepts Zakat

Individuals and institutions can now allocate their Zakat, in all its forms, in accordance with Islamic principles by directing it towards specific

Dig a well

Soqqyah is the best form of Sadaqah contribute to provide clean water in communities in need through water projects and drilling water wells.

Your endless giving

Contribute to building a mosques and leave a mark that lasts forever Inshallah.

Your endless giving is

Contribute this Ramadan to restoring a home for a family in need.

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