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When disaster strikes, a race against time begins to save lives and restore a sense of normality. In developed countries where disaster preparedness levels are outstanding, natural disasters and man-made disruptions still manage to cause an enormous strain on governments and lead to mass casualty.

In fragile countries, it is a radically different backdrop and a gruesome scenario; the human, material, and economic losses are immense and exceed the governments’ and the communities’ capacity to respond. Women, girls, people with disabilities and the elderly are particularly at risk and bear a disproportionate weight of casualties, trauma and uncertainty in the aftermath of disasters.

Qatar Charity is often one of the first responders to international emergencies. With a 3-decade-long track record of emergency response and disaster relief in 50 countries, our staff are at the forefront of international aid operations, providing shelter, urgent medical assistance, food supplies, livelihoods and comfort to affected populations and don’t withdraw until communities are well on their path to recovery.

In 2019, Qatar Charity implemented more than 598 relief projects across 34 countries in Africa and Asia at a total cost of $ 94 million, directly benefiting more than 8 million crisis-affected people in the form of shelter, food supplies, education, health and livelihoods.

Winter campaign 2020

Winter season is here and a tragic story is about to begin for many. Those who were displaced with their children in lands they do not know

Education projects

At the beginning of a new academic year, we at Qatar charity are launching (Teach me) initative aiming to support educational projects within Qatar

Local Assistance

(Charity Begins at Home) Help us reach out to those who need it the most, and give them the support that ensures they can pass their hardships.

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