Qatar Charity International Healthcare and Nutrition Projects
Qatar Charity International Healthcare and Nutrition Projects
Qatar Charity’s efforts

Through diverse projects, Qatar Charity works hard to improve the standards of healthcare in underdeveloped communities through providing access to adequate medical facilities, supplies, training, medications, and vaccines. Our working approach promotes the active involvement of the affected populations in the early programming, implementation and evaluation process to make sure our interventions are centered around their needs.


1. Improve the standard and quality of healthcare services

2. Decrease the mortality rate through combating preventable and communicable diseases

3. Decrease the maternal mortality from pregnancy and birth complications

4. Decrease the under-five mortality rate

5. Combat preventable and treatable blindness

6. Strengthen and expand the medical capacity in underdeveloped and rural regions

Areas of Intervention
Facilities and maintenance

• Building public health facilities in primary and secondary healthcare

• Improving hygiene and sanitation facilities and providing medical supplies, medicines and vaccines

Specialized healthcare programs

• Training local health committees

• Promoting health awareness and delivering medical training

• Providing medicine and medical supplies

Health care achievements and milestones
Total spending (USD) Number of beneficiaries Number of countries
44,389,521 3,400,000 32