Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Qatar Charity Projects workflow

Frequently Asked Questions

Qatar Charity follows a results-oriented approach to plan, manage, and implement proper humanitarian response with utmost consideration to the needs and development indicators of targeted communities. Qatar Charity works in full recognition of the pressing global humanitarian challenges in development, education, health, water, energy, and climate change.

Projects are approved based on specific criteria, including the following:

• Consistency with the general strategy of Qatar Charity

• Compatibility with the broad humanitarian sector strategy

• Humanitarian needs and development indicators

• Institutional capacity

• Availability of funding

• Efficiency and effectiveness

• Risks

• Impact and sustainability.

A designated committee evaluates all project proposals and ensures they align with the above mentioned standards. Proposals that don’t comply with Qatar Charity’s intervention goals and fulfill its social and developmental objectives will not be approved.

Fundraising is the pillar of aid. It is a mobilization tool that enables NGOs to execute their projects and maintain humanitarian action. Qatar Charity adopts a community-focused fundraising model that is key to its independence: More than 90% of our funds come from individuals. Qatar Charity’s fundraising strategy does not solely aim to raise funds; instead, it engages the local community in the charity sector as an integral actor in humanitarian work and maintains a relationship with donor individuals and institutions based on trust and reciprocity. Donors are provided with most effective traceability tools that allow them to track their donation from the moment we receive it to the completion of the project.

Qatar Charity also benefits from funds granted by institutional donors for specific projects such as Qatar Fund for Development, UN agencies i.e. UNHCR, WFP, FAO etc. and international organizations and networks i.e. the Start Network.

Qatar Charity recognizes the importance of joint action to realize the sustainable development goals. While we place high value on our long-standing partnerships with governments, UN agencies and large organizations, we also envision strategic and sustainable partnerships with grass-root organizations and communities. Qatar Charity also implements a set of precautionary measures while choosing its partners through its due diligence policy. This includes capacity assessments, local governments’ consultation and screening against all major sanctions lists, including UN sanction list, EU sanction list, US sanction list and national sanction lists in the beneficiary country.

Throughout the years, we have optimized our financial performance and increased our efficiency to guarantee the best possible value-for-money to our donors. We are now able to spend 94% of your donation on programs and services that fulfill our social mission. For every dollar we receive, we spend 94 cents on humanitarian and development projects and programs and allocate the remaining 6 cents to raise more funds and cover overhead expenses.

Qatar Charity implements a transparent policy to ensure reaching out to those in need of aid. This policy assures fair access to Qatar Charity’s services while upholding accountability and non-bias standards. At Qatar Charity, meeting communities’ urgent need for aid is the only standard for choosing beneficiaries. Qatar Charity’s beneficiaries’ selection and approval policy is guided by the “Core Humanitarian Standards” that stipulates non-bias and focusing humanitarian response on communities/ individuals in need only. Our intervention is not based on any discriminatory standards including country of origin, ethnicity, political affiliation, social class, or faith. Accordingly, Qatar Charity adopts a specific set of guidelines that are based on transparency, impartiality, the right for assistance, and prioritizing vulnerable individuals such as persons with disabilities, children, women, families supported by women and the elderly.

Qatar Charity is a legitimate, wholly lawful international non-governmental organization registered under the Regulatory Authority for Charitable Activities in the State of Qatar and established in the accordance of the laws and regulations governing charitable work in Qatar in 1992. Since inception, Qatar Charity has worked tirelessly with UN agencies, international NGOs, local governments and humanitarian networks to deliver life-saving humanitarian assistance and development projects in more than 50 countries.

Today, Qatar Charity works through its 29 country offices based in the world’s most underprivileged zones to bring about lasting change and solutions to poverty, hunger, unemployment, gender inequality, child abuse and displacement. Qatar Charity is a leading organization within the international humanitarian system and was granted over the years:

- Special Status membership at the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations in 1994

- Observer membership at the United Nations International Organization for Migration in 2004

- Full membership in the UK based Start Network, one of the most prominent and selective alliances of NGOs worldwide in 2017

- Full membership in the Geneva-based Core Humanitarian Standards Alliance, a leading network that ensures accountability to affected populations, in 2018

- Full membership in the United Nations Department of Global Communication in 2018

The true factual position is that Qatar Charity has been the subject of allegations in the aftermath of the blockade imposed on the State of Qatar by the blockade countries, resulting in the automatic, baseless and unlawful listing of all Qatar-based NGOs, media institutions and sports networks on sanction lists in those countries for political motives. Qatar Charity has been a leading organization in the Middle East since inception and had been awarded dozens of government awards in those countries for its governance and achievements over the course of a decade up until the blockade. The designation of Qatar Charity as an entity of concern has no legal standing in any other country and has been openly rejected by United Nations and other countries. We continue to work closely with all governments to provide timely, effective and life-saving assistance whenever and wherever needed.

As one of the largest charities in the MENA region and one of the most trusted organizations worldwide, we hold an unwavering commitment to openness and diligence in following the most rigorous operating procedures around the world. We open our financial reports to external auditors annually and work with leading screening firms to ensure that funds and aid are not diverted. Qatar Charity has worked with global leader Refinitiv Thomson Reuters to screen all donors, beneficiaries, and partners against a consolidated list of designated individuals and entities in the OFAC lists, UN sanction list and EU sanction list.

Qatar Charity has also implemented millions of dollars worth of projects on behalf of UN agencies like UNHCR, WFP, FAO and OCHA in Pakistan, Somalia, Turkey and Nepal. Qatar Charity has been able to do so after it has passed rigorous due diligence procedures and capacity assessments both in its headquarters and in field offices and has been found to be a trusted and reliable partner in the implementation of humanitarian and development projects programmed, monitored and evaluated by the United Nations.

Today and more than ever, we continue to push forward in our efforts to bring about positive and lasting change to the most marginalized communities.

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