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Social Cohesion

Social cohesion lies at the heart of social development.


Social cohesion lies at the heart of social development where strong, cohesive societies are built around universal values, reconciliation and tolerance. Unfortunately, in societies where the "social bond" that cements individuals together is eroded, intolerance, inequalities, racism and extremism thrive and ultimately lead to conflicts, violence and crime.

At Qatar Charity, we believe in the importance of economic, societal and educational means that provide a space for bringing divided groups together and addressing priority community needs, particularly in post-conflict settings in the context of peace-building.

Qatar Charity's approach

to the global social cohesion challenges

Our objectives

• Improving access to safe and peaceful environments through administrative support and administrative reconstruction.
• Supporting post-conflict reconstruction as a tool to support peacebuilding efforts.
• Reducing crime and violent extremism.

Areas of Intervention

• Rehabilitation and building of infrastructure and social housing.

• Economic empowerment through income generating projects to promote voluntary return of refugees and IDPs.

• Sports-based initiatives as a mean to promote co-existence and social cohesion.

• Capacity building on different professional levels to support rehabilitation efforts.

• Promoting strong institutions through the support of public judicial and security systems.

• Communities.


in 2022

2.1 Million

had access to safe drinking water and sanitation services

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