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Qatar charity

responds to global disasters and crises

Qatar Charity is often one of the first responders to international emergencies. With a 3-decade-long track record of emergency response and disaster relief in



our staff are at the forefront of international aid operations, providing shelter, urgent medical assistance, food supplies, livelihoods and comfort to affected populations and don’t withdraw until communities are well on their path to recovery.

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!Dig a water well to satisfy their thirst

Water is the secret of life, and the basis for any human development. Currently, millions of people around the world are affected by water scarcity, leading to some catastrophic consequences such as diseases spread, epidemics, famine and migration, and many other crises. Nearly, 1000 children die every day from preventable diseases originating from contaminated water, and statistics indicate that 40% of the world's population suffer from the shortage of clean water. The alarming figures are

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Save India

support the relief efforts

India is witnessing a catastrophic health problem caused by the widespread of Coronavirus across the ‎country. Hospitals have failed to contain the disease and have been unable to provide adequate ‎medical care to those infected. The shortage of beds and oxygen cylinders needed for care has further ‎compounded the problem.‎ At the same time, prices of medicines and oxygen ‎cylinders have significantly heightened up in the parallel markets, endangering the lives of thousands

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Rohingya Refugee Relief

Over a million Rohingya refugee who escaped from murder and torture are still facing threats and tragic situations. In February 2021, the authorities of the state of Bangladesh have transferred more than 10,000 refugees from the refugee camps in the Cox Bazar area (the largest refugee camp in the glob) to the island of Bhasan Shar, and the authorities are planning to transfer more refugees to this island in the same year, reaching to 20,000 refugees in total. These refugees, who fled in

When disaster strikes, a race against time begins to save lives and restore a sense of normality.

In developed countries where disaster preparedness levels are outstanding, natural disasters and man-made disruptions still manage to cause an enormous strain on governments and lead to mass casualty.


In 2019

In 2020

  • Countries 70

    through 30 field offices and implementing partners

  • Beneficiaries 14,000,000

    children, women, people with disabilities, elderly and vulnerable communities

  • Total spent 400 Million $

    spent on humanitarian and development projects

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