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Qatar charity

responds to global disasters and crises

Qatar Charity is often one of the first responders to international emergencies. With a 3-decade-long track record of emergency response and disaster relief in



our staff are at the forefront of international aid operations, providing shelter, urgent medical assistance, food supplies, livelihoods and comfort to affected populations and don’t withdraw until communities are well on their path to recovery.

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I'm not just a number!


Almost 10,000 children become orphans every day in terms of crises, natural disasters and epidemics. Reports indicate that the number has reached 140 million orphans around the world.  And due to the Corona pandemic, at least 1.8 million children face the same fate after the death of their affected caregivers. This campaign highlights the dramatic increasing number of orphans day by day, and behind each number, there is a story. Every orphan represents a success story that needs to

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Together against hunger

Alleviate their suffering

11 people die from starvation every single minute. Around 41 million people (mostly women and children) are at imminent risk of starvation and malnutrition due to crises and natural disasters.  The coronavirus pandemic has also deepened the crisis by disrupting food supply networks and bringing producers out of business. Today, many families in need are not able to find the necessary food that preserves their lives. Stand with us against hunger! so we can provide essential and

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Save India

support the relief efforts

India is witnessing a catastrophic health problem caused by the widespread of Coronavirus across the ‎country. Hospitals have failed to contain the disease and have been unable to provide adequate ‎medical care to those infected. The shortage of beds and oxygen cylinders needed for care has further ‎compounded the problem.‎ At the same time, prices of medicines and oxygen ‎cylinders have significantly heightened up in the parallel markets, endangering the lives of thousands

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Educate me!

Educate me! let the hope continue!

"Education is one of the most successful means to face the challenges that poor societies face in the long run. As it gives children and youth the knowledge and skills needed to rebuild their lives and their communities so that they can enjoy a dignified life away from the various types of exploitation that they may face because of need and lack of awareness. People in poor countries face many challenges in obtaining their right to education.  Aiming to raise conscious generations

When disaster strikes, a race against time begins to save lives and restore a sense of normality.

In developed countries where disaster preparedness levels are outstanding, natural disasters and man-made disruptions still manage to cause an enormous strain on governments and lead to mass casualty.


In 2019

In 2020

  • Countries 70

    through 30 field offices and implementing partners

  • Beneficiaries 14,000,000

    children, women, people with disabilities, elderly and vulnerable communities

  • Total spent 400 Million $

    spent on humanitarian and development projects

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