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Qatar charity

responds to global disasters and crises

Qatar Charity is often one of the first responders to international emergencies. With a 3-decade-long track record of emergency response and disaster relief in



our staff are at the forefront of international aid operations, providing shelter, urgent medical assistance, food supplies, livelihoods and comfort to affected populations and don’t withdraw until communities are well on their path to recovery.

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Pakistan relief

Help them get through the disaster

A humanitarian catastrophe is now occurring in Pakistan... Destructive floods and torrents are considered the strongest and most destructive in 60 years, with damage beyond imagination, and teary-eyed scenes. More than 30 million people have been affected, and millions have been displaced from their homes and cities in the open. With your contribution and generous donation, you ease their suffering.

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Somalia hunger appeal

Alleviate their hunger!

Somalia experiences a protracted famine crisis threatening over 7 million Somalis, facing one of the worst droughts in its history that destroyed its crops and turned its lands into barren regions, causing more than half a million Somalis to flee due to the lack of food. Malnutrition rates rose to the highest levels among children under five years, bringing the number of those at risk of death to 1.4 million children. Support our efforts to stop famine in Somalia by providing the

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Sudan relief appeal

In support of floods victims

Another catastrophe of floods caused by heavy rainfalls has befallen our people in Sudan, making their already deteriorating economic conditions much worse, leaving 89 people died and more than 22,000 affected. Over 500 health facilities were flooded, 1,000 water sources were damaged, and 5,000 hectares of crop land and livestock were washed away, creating alarming levels of health and food insecurity in the affected areas. Your support is much needed! Contribute towards offering

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Show your support to Gaza

Another terrible tragedy has befallen our people in Palestine, which resulted in making their already strained living conditions much worse. Dozens of wounded people are in urgent need of medical treatment, in addition to families who have been left without shelter and food after their homes were destroyed. Donate in support of our relief campaign, so as to help your brothers and sisters in the holy land. Contribute to relieving their plight, by providing the affected families with urgent

... LNO : 2022

Educate me!

Educate me. Help create a better future!

Poverty robs 250 million children and young people of their hope for community engagement toward a better future. Many poor families are concerned about the high cost of education, which push their children to engage in hazardous work for securing their livelihood, thus having denied their right to go back to school. Contribute towards supporting "Educate Me" campaign to provide educational supplies for financially distressed students inside Qatar. Help them reclaim their hope for

... LNO : 2021

Together against hunger

Alleviate their suffering

11 people die from starvation every single minute. Around 41 million people (mostly women and children) are at imminent risk of starvation and malnutrition due to crises and natural disasters.  The coronavirus pandemic has also deepened the crisis by disrupting food supply networks and bringing producers out of business. Today, many families in need are not able to find the necessary food that preserves their lives. Stand with us against hunger! so we can provide essential and

... LNO : 2021

Empowering the Needy

Empowering.. for a dignified life

Economic empowerment is an opportunity to achieve dignity for poor families.

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Help People in Afghanistan

A powerful earthquake hit the Central Region of Afghanistan impacting the provinces of Khost and Paktika, in which 70% of homes have been damaged and destroyed, and many injured and killed. The earthquake complicates an already dire situation for Afghans. Over half of them depends on essential humanitarian aid and life-saving supplies. Make a donation to assist the earthquake victims, and provide for their immediate needs, which include food, non-food items, shelter, and emergency

When disaster strikes, a race against time begins to save lives and restore a sense of normality.

In developed countries where disaster preparedness levels are outstanding, natural disasters and man-made disruptions still manage to cause an enormous strain on governments and lead to mass casualty.


In 2019

In 2020

  • Countries 70

    through 30 field offices and implementing partners

  • Beneficiaries 14,000,000

    children, women, people with disabilities, elderly and vulnerable communities

  • Total spent 400 Million $

    spent on humanitarian and development projects

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